Living in a rented property does not mean that you will be forced to abide by your landlord’s style and décor choices, as there is still potential to make your own changes, improvements and additions to a home.

While you should always seek permission from your landlord before altering a rented abode, many will be happy to allow you to personalise the place you live and to make it more comfortable.

So what are the best ways to make a rented home feel as though it is your own?

Personalise with wall art and photos

It may only be a small touch, but start by hanging some of your pictures on the wall and displaying your favourite photographs. You can buy three-pin hooks that are cheap and easy to fit and cause almost no damage to walls, although you must still secure permission from your landlord before you use these.

Use soft furnishings to inject personality 

Another good idea is to focus on curtains, lampshades and other soft furnishings. In some cases, these will have been provided by your landlord, but they should not have a problem if you want to store them and use your own.

By doing this, you will be able to inject your personality into a property and achieve a constant theme or style throughout your home.

Remember to accessorise!

Similarly, you will be amazed how far a colourful, high-quality rug or mat will go. Whether you want to bring some warmth to a room or are aiming to cover worn carpets, rugs are always shrewd additions.

If you are worried about your home feeling a little cramped, there is plenty you can do. Adding a mirror or two is an ideal starting point. Alternatively, if you do not want to overcrowd existing shelves or cupboards, invest in your own free-standing units to up capacity and achieve a more balanced look.

Don't forget the garden...

Finally, divert as much of your attention as possible to the garden. Simple steps such as adding pot plants and small shrubs can bring colour to your garden and make it a more pleasant space in which to spend time. Plus, you can take them with you when you move out.

Only a little time and money is required to transform your rented home, so put the effort in now and you will be rewarded with a stylish and comfortable place to live for many years to come.


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