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Protect yourself against unwanted surprises with Leaders’ new tenants insurance cover from Bode

Accidents happen while you’re renting your home – they’re often unavoidable. However, subsequent payouts or deductions from your initial rental deposit don’t have to be!... more

Tips to reduce the impact of recent landlord tax changes

Have the government’s recent tax changes affected your ability to deduct mortgage interest and other allowable costs from your rental income before then calculating your tax liability? Read on to discover a way to minimise the affect the changes have on your portfolio’s profitability…... more

How to ensure your tenants aren't subletting over the festive period

Take note of these red flags, if you suspect your tenants could be subletting.... more

Top things you should know this Bonfire Night

With skies across the UK soon to be flooded with colourful fireworks, it’s an explosive time of year! There aren’t specific rules forbidding tenants lighting fireworks or bonfires in the garden of their rental homes, however they can be unpredictable.... more

Your whistle-stop guide to running a compliant HMO

Do you rent out your property to several tenants? If so, your property may be considered a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO). Having an unlicensed HMO has proven a costly mistake for several landlords recently, so read on to learn about what’s needed when letting a HMO.... more

How landlords can prepare for tax turning digital

If you’re a landlord with rental income (income, not profit) greater than £10,000 per annum, then it’s important you know about the fundamental changes the government is rolling out to the current tax system. ... more

10 tips to winter-proof your property

If long-term forecasts are anything to go by, we could be in for another bitter winter. Before the clocks go back on Sunday 27 October, enjoy the last of the autumnal sun and start considering how to prepare your property for the winter months. Here are a few tips to get you started…... more

What impact is Brexit having on the property market?

With Britain’s scheduled departure from the EU only weeks, every day new Brexit announcements are hitting the headlines and giving mixed messages about the UK housing market. Confused and in a state of flux, those looking to buy or sell a property are asking Leaders’ property experts: “Is now the right time to move house?”... more

Landlord access rights: can my tenant refuse me entry?

Once you become a landlord, although you own the property and you do have a legal right to enter it, you can’t simply walk in and out at your leisure. Read on to learn more about landlord access rights…... more

Is your property ready to re-let?

While the key to successful renting is meeting the demand of prospective tenants, minimising downtime between tenants ensures you get the most financially from your property. To help guide you through the re-let process, here is a checklist of points to remember.... more

Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms in rental properties

There is a bit of a grey area around who is responsible for providing (and equally importantly, maintaining) smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in rented properties. Read on to discover whether its landlords or tenants who are responsible for these crucial alarms.... more

Why having an up-to-date EPC is more important than ever

For just over a year, it has been against the law to let a property which breaches the minimum EPC rating requirement, which is ‘E’ on an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), unless the landlord has a suitable exemption (such as the cost of making even the cheapest recommended improvement would exceed £3,500 incl. VAT).... more

How will landlords be affected by Boris Johnson's approach as Prime Minister?

Find out how landlords might be impacted by the new Prime Minister and what they need to be aware of over the next few months.... more

Found the property of your dreams? Here’s how to make an offer hard to refuse!

There’s nothing more exciting than stepping foot into your dream property and knowing it’s ‘the one’. But anxiety can quickly follow when you realise that it’s up to you to make that dream property your home. Need some tips? Read on…!... more

Five things all landlords should consider in today's buy-to-let market

With some first-hand experience from one of Leaders’ multi-landlords, here’s five top things to keep in mind in the current buy-to-let market.... more

Why Section 21 changes may not adversely affect landlords’ ability to gain possession

With the government’s announcement in April 2019 that they were ‘ending no-fault evictions’, landlords might have been concerned that evicting a tenant from their property had suddenly become more difficult.... more

Best practice guide: the top 5 things all landlords should be doing in the current buy-to-let market

With some first-hand experience from one of Leaders’ multi-landlords, here’s five top things to keep in mind in the current buy-to-let market.... more

No Deposit Option – we answer tenants’ frequently asked questions

We answer the most frequently asked questions about the No Deposit Option and the Residency for tenants.... more

How to increase demand for your rental property with an easy-to-maintain garden

Most people enjoy an attractive garden space, but not everybody has a passion for pruning, planting and propagating , which is why it is important to consider the outdoors just as much as the indoors when you let a property.... more

Shared Ownership: your invitation on to the property ladder

Thought you couldn’t afford your first home? Think again! The Shared Ownership scheme is a government-led initiative, designed with first-time buyers in mind. If you don’t think you can afford a large mortgage to fund your own home, Shared Ownership could be a great option for you. ... more

How much value does a summerhouse or garden building add to your property?

Boost the value of your property without the inconvenience of getting a planning permission for an extension or loft conversion.... more

Revealed: The 10 towns offering Britain's buy-to-let investors the best yields

The top 10 towns in which to enjoy a fantastic yield as a landlord have been named.... more

Is the tenant deposit cap worrying you? Receive 40% more financial security with Leaders!

Landlords, enjoy greater peace of mind with two weeks extra indemnity.... more

Looking to buy a property with the tenants in situ?

We look at the pros and cons of buying a property with a tenant in situ - read our full guide.... more

Japanese knotweed: what landlords need to know

All you need to know about Japanese knotweed and how you can protect your property.... more

Just how much value does a driveway really add to your home?

If your property is in an urban area, where parking is a premium feature, you can add some serious value by maximising every inch of exterior space.... more

The pros and cons of buying a property to renovate

Buying a home in need of renovation is not something you should rush in to. We’ve put together the most likely pros and cons that you ought to consider when buying a property to renovate.... more

What’s really happening in the property market?

We look at what's really happening in the property market.... more

Introducing the Residency, our tenancy membership

Welcome to the Residency – we make tenancy matters a breeze while saving you money, protecting you and helping you plan for your future.... more

Landlords, what expenses can you claim for your property?

Maximise your income with these handy tips.... more

Are you making the most of your rental income?

Learn which landlord expenses you could potentially claim for your property.... more

Right to Rent is still imperative for landlords in 2019

Right to Rent has recently sparked off a furious debate in the news. For instance, Judge Justin Spencer has ruled that Right to Rent breaches human rights laws.... more

How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Tenants

Building a good relationship with your tenants will not only make your life as a landlord that little bit simpler, but it will prove particularly valuable in making your property investment more profitable.... more

Top tips for keeping your tenants happy

The ultimate dream for many landlords is to have reliable and long-term tenants, who keep to their rent dates and stay on top of basic property maintenance matters.... more

Ideal Home Show 2019: How to create functional multi-purpose living spaces

Short on space at home? Simone Gordon and Sophie van Widen from London’s Owl Design interior design company recently explained to the Ideal Home Show how to transform your spare rooms into multi-purpose spaces that can provide the guest bedroom, study or playroom you desperately need, all whilst incorporating some of 2019’s top trends!... more

Ideal Home Show 2019 – Smart home living

At the Ideal Home Show 2019, we had the great pleasure of exploring an ultra-modern show home showcasing the best of home automation.... more

Refresh your home this spring with our favourite interior trends

From understated pastels to bold hues, the revival of floral wallpaper to textured, natural materials – there’s an on-trend décor style for everyone in 2019.... more

Retirement and downsizing – what’s in it for you?

Weighing up the pros and cons of downsizing.... more

Why spring is the best time of year to sell your house

When thinking about selling your home, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account; the condition of your property, the area in which it is situated, and the current market conditions. However, one of the biggest things that can sway your decision of when to sell your house is the timing. After all, is there ever a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ time of year to sell a property?... more

The Fitness for Human Habitation Act has now come into force - discover how Leaders helps you stay on top of the latest lettings legislation

With already a number of strict rules in place, landlords will soon be subject to a new legislation aiming to boost the standard of rented homes for the health, safety and welfare of tenants. Learn how you may be affected by The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act from 20th March 2019.... more

National Apprenticeship Week 4th – 8th March 2019

In support of national apprenticeship week, the Leaders Romans Group wanted to shout about its success with the growth of our apprenticeship scheme.... more

The pros and cons of buying a property to renovate

If you're looking at investing in property and wish to renovate a home, discover the pros and cons to consider when buying a new property.... more

Is your money better invested in property renovations, or buy-to-let (BTL) investments?

Learn the top considerations when investing in property for renting or renovating...... more

Leaders’ top tips for first-time or accidental landlords

If you are considering becoming a landlord for the first time, read our helpful tips to get you on your way to your first lettings experience.... more

Helpful Tips For First-Time Landlords

Whether you’ve decided to invest in buy-to-let property for the first time, or you’ve acquired a rental property unexpectedly or through change in circumstance, check out our top tips to help see you through your very first lettings experience.... more

What is considered a ‘long time’ for a house to be on the market?

Are you selling your home? Find out what is considered a 'long time' for a property to be on the market.... more

How to maximise your rental income

You may have been a landlord for decades, or are perhaps a new to letting property. Either way, while it’s great to receive rental income each month, it can sometimes feel that you’re constantly eating away at your profits through the expense of letting your property. ... more

What to do with your home when you travel

An increasingly popular trend is for people to take a gap year later in life. Since many will be homeowners, it’s sensible to consider what to do with your home while you’re away.... more

How will Brexit affect the rental market?

Learn how buy-to-let investors may be impacted by the fast-approaching Brexit decision.... more

Helping first-time buyers onto the ladder!

Think you can't afford to buy your first home? Think again!... more

Reasons you should consider remortgaging this spring

Keep your mortgages under frequent review by considering remortgaging your rental properties.... more

Top features to look out for when buying your next buy-to-let property

Discover the top investable features when you are a buy-to-let landlord.... more

Top reasons to invest in rental property right now

Discover the top considerations if you're thinking about investing in rental property and why now is a good time to invest.... more

No deposit? No problem! ...but what are the benefits?

Following in the footsteps of the government, we want to ease the financial burden placed on tenants by launching our No Deposit Option. ... more

Want to upsize in 2019? Put the spotlight on your home at our Open House event!

To help the rising number of first-time buyers take their first step onto the property ladder, Leaders is hosting a dedicated First-Time Buyer Open House event on 23rd February, and we need homes just like yours!... more

New Year's resolutions all landlords can make

Get ready for your year ahead as a landlord and stay up to date with tax affairs, new lettings regulations, gas safety and property efficiency.... more

No deposit? No problem! How can a landlord benefit from this scheme?

It’s not just tenants who are benefiting from no deposit, our landlords have also been reaping the benefits of this revolutionary scheme – with higher tenant demand, reduced void periods and additional protection just three of its great number of perks.... more

House Price Predictions in 2019

If you are thinking of buying, selling, letting or investing in property in the near future, the first thing to be aware of is how different the market has been around different areas of the UK and how it is expected to change further.... more

Autumn budget: the landlord's guide

Take a look at how the Autumn Budget may create changes for landlords across the UK, particularly in light of ongoing 'Brexit' negotiations and adjustments to income tax, personal allowance and higher rate thresholds.... more

Pension pot or buy-to-let retirement fund: which will serve us better?

Find out how to lower your loan to value ratios and ultimately release equity.... more

Investment Property of the Month: November 2018

A ground-breaking development of 90 luxury apartments designed to fit the lifestyle of those with an athletic spirit, due for completion in Spring 2020. ... more

Best ways to help your tenants increase their energy efficiency

Ensuring your rental property is efficient can be as simple as providing thick curtains and fitting double glazing...... more

5 things tenants are looking for when choosing their next rental property

Our 5 most frequent tenant requests include an easy-to-maintain garden and suitable storage space...... more

5 top tips to boost the value of your home

Making sure you get the best price for your home is always an important priority for any seller. Read our top tips in how you can help to boost the price of your property...... more

Making your move as smooth as possible

Moving day can seem very overwhelming and can often creep up on you faster than you expected. Discover our expert advice in making moving day feel like a simple task!... more

Help to Buy – a need to know guide

In a bid to help first-time buyers onto the ever-changing property ladder, the government created the Help to Buy (HTB) schemes. See our need to know guide to know how you could benefit today!... more

What paperwork do I need to keep? Is it worth buying a property as a limited company?

Keeping records is an essential part of running any business so it is important to file any relevant paperwork relating to your property carefully for when it is needed. ... more

Key taxes landlords need to pay during the year

Paying tax is one of the many outgoings which most landlords need to budget for, so taking advice on this topic from a property tax specialist can not only be invaluable, but also save you money. ... more

Viewing homes just got even easier!

Be part of Leaders' national Open House Event on 22nd September!... more

Why now is the right time to test your heating system

The sun is shining (at the time of writing at least) and you’ve probably thrown open your windows to keep your home cool. The last thing on your mind is likely to be your central heating. But in actual fact, the warm weather we’ve experienced recently makes heating a hot topic for landlords.... more

Why you should consider investing in your local school's catchment area

To help build your property portfolio, Leaders is giving you the insight into why you should invest in a property near a local school catchment area.... more

How to maximise the rental value of your property

To help get the most out of your rental portfolio, Leaders is advising on how you can maximise the rental value of your property.... more

Top reasons to consider investing in student property this year

To help build your property portfolio, Leaders is giving you the insight into why now is the best time to invest in a student property.... more

Buy-to-let legislation - what's changed so far in 2018?

To help you keep on top of all rental legislations, Leaders is giving you an overview of the latest changes in 2018.... more

Investment Property of the Month: August 2018

Our top investment this month offers 4x one bedroom executive apartments in Carshalton with an expected yield of 3.7%, capital growth of 49% in the area over the last five years and a current average of 4.3% capital growth per year.... more

Want to generate even more interest in your home?

To help build desire for your property amongst our extensive buyer database, Leaders is giving you the opportunity to launch your property to the market with our national Open House Event!... more

Top money-saving tips for landlords preparing a property to let

Landlords can save time, money and hassle with these insider tips on getting a property ready to let.... more

Investment Property of the Month: July 2018

Our top investment this month offers 15% discount off market value for a single purchase of 12 x Micro Apartments in Cheltenham, with an expected yield of 6.8%.... more

Are changes coming to gas and electrical safety regulations?

There are strict rules for landlords when it comes to gas and electrical safety – and they could change again soon, as a government consultation on stricter electrical safety legislation has recently closed.... more

Why now is a good time to check your heating

Summer is the perfect time to carry out any checks and maintenance to the heating system as it means the occupants won’t be inconvenienced too much if it is out of action. ... more

The economy, the property market and you

It's important to understand how key economic indicators affect the properties you currently own, let or are looking to buy, sell or invest in.... more

Investment Property of the Month: June 2018

Our top investment for June is this luxury development in Sheffield city centre.... more

What hidden jobs do we take care of when managing a property for you?

There's a lot going on behind the scenes when managing a rented property. ... more

How can landlords protect their properties during the summer season?

As well as warmer, sunnier days, summer brings a few possibilities that all landlords should be prepared for.... more

How can landlords refresh a rental property for £500?

With these expert tips landlords can spruce up a property effectively for relatively little money.... more

How to avoid becoming an accidental rogue landlord

With ever-changing letting legislation and landlord fines on the increase, how can you make sure you don't accidentally break the law?... more

Almost a third of borrowers are paying too much for their mortgage. Are you?

Homeowners have been urged to consider whether they are paying too much for their mortgage.... more

Leaders Romans Group continues expansion with two key acquisitions

Two new acquisitions have been completed in recent days. ... more

Leaders set for fundraising week in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust

Leaders is set for a week of fundraising.... more

A guide to cash basis for landlords

A guide to cash basis for landlords.... more

Legionnaires’ disease: What are a landlord’s obligations?

Legionnaires' disease should be a concern for all landlords.... more

Landlords urged to minimise voids to maximise rental returns

Reducing void periods is a must for landlords looking to enjoy a great return.... more

Key changes to HMOs set to be introduced in October 2018

The rules governing HMOs are set to change.... more

Investment Property of the Month: May 2018

This flat in central Brighton is our top investment of May. ... more

Witham winner secures Leaders 1983 prize!

Jo Ludlow is the winner of our 35th anniversary giveaway. ... more

Seven top tips to sell your home quickly for the best price

Selling a property can be easier for people who follow these even top tips.... more

Keeping a step ahead of lease extensions can save you thousands

Extending a lease at the right time makes tremendous financial sense.... more

Investment Property of the Month: April 2018

Our top investment for April is a smart two-bedroom house in Kelvedon.... more

Top 5 reasons to sell your property at auction

Putting a property up for auction offers a number of advantages to sellers.... more

Why an open house event can be the best way to sell your home

We are holding a national open house event on Saturday 12th May.... more

Where is the best place in the UK to invest in property?

Colchester has been named as the best place to invest in property.... more

Revealed: The most viewed properties in March...

Find out which homes have attracted the most interest in March.... more

UK landlords expect great results in 2018

Landlords across the UK are feeling confident about the future of the rental market.... more

World's first chocolate house coming to the UK!

Maltese billionaire granted planning permission to build elaborate Dorset mansion.... more

Makeover of the Month

Our fixer-upper of the month... more

How to make your home stand out to buyers this spring

Spring can be the perfect time to sell, but homeowners must present their properties at their best.... more

Win £1983 in Leaders’ 35th anniversary giveaway!

We are giving away £1983 to celebrate our 35th anniversary! ... more

How to furnish a rental property

Furnishing a rental property can add to its value if done in the right way.... more

Investment Property of the Month: March 2018

This modern apartment in Nottingham offers a yield of 5.5 per cent and is our top investment of March! ... more

Your guide to stamp duty on additional properties

Landlords have been offered specialist tax advice on the issue of stamp duty paid on additional properties.... more

Get organised and cut costs ahead of the new tax year

The new tax year is almost here so getting your finances in shape is a wise move.... more

Energy standards deadline looms for landlords, but how far might green regulations go?

New energy efficiency rules will apply to the rental sector from 1st April. ... more

Leaders confirms expansion of north-west network with Temples acquisition

Leaders has acquired Temples in Cheshire, adding two branches and a portfolio to our network.... more

How much value does a garage add to your property?

Garages can add a huge amount of value to any property. What could your home be worth?... more

Regional cities set for house price growth, but where will the biggest rises happen?

Leaders has named five towns in which it expects house prices to rise rapidly in the coming years. ... more

How much rent should you charge for your property?

Setting the right rental asking price is the key to achieving a great return.... more

Women at one firm leading the way in male-dominated property industry

Ahead of International Women's Day, we are celebrating some of the senior females in our business.... more

Half of landlords looking to expand portfolios as rents rise

Many landlords are feeling positive and are ready to invest in more properties.... more

Leaders appoints auctions specialist to bring more properties under the hammer

Donald Wright has joined Leaders to head up our new auction services in the south.... more

Leaders launches new national mortgage service and academy

Leaders has launched a brand new mortgage service to help buyers and sellers. ... more

Is allowing pets in your rental property a good idea?

Many landlords are unsure about whether to allow pets in their properties, but it can pay to do so.... more

House prices on the up as 2017 sees 5.2% growth

House prices rose by more than five per cent in 2017. ... more

Historic barn conversion offers unique village home packed with potential

A beautiful barn conversion is one of the most intriguing properties on the market in Brighton right now!... more

Rents set to rise as tenant demand surges

Tenant demand is heading upwards, which could soon have a similar effect on rents.... more

Increase in buy-to-let mortgage arrears ‘shows importance of using proactive agent’

More people are experiencing buy-to-let mortgage arrears, making the support of a great agent important.... more

Year-end tax planning: make the most of your allowances and reliefs

The tax year is coming to an end soon, so Kreston Reeves has advised landlords on how to make the most of their allowances. ... more

Investment Property of the Month: February 2018

This month's top investment is found at Beaumont Court in Southend. ... more

Half of landlords looking to expand portfolios as rents rise

Many landlords are planning to invest in more properties in the coming months. ... more

Choosing an accredited, professional estate agent ‘is a must’

Picking the right estate agent is important for a variety of reasons. ... more

Five cosy love nests to help you make your move this Valentines

Making plans with your loved one might be a special way to spend Valentines Day and where better to start than by thinking about your next home?... more

Number of first-time buyers hits 10-year high

More people are getting on the property ladder than at any point since 2007.... more

Leaders begins fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust with Red and Blue Day

Leaders branches around the country have been fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust.... more

Young people ‘increasingly investing in property’

More young people are showing a desire to invest in property. ... more

How much has your property risen in value in the last year?

House prices have risen by more than 3.5 per cent in the last year. ... more

Brighton and Hove property expert takes BHEAA vice-presidency

Andrew Hovey is the new vice-president of the Brighton and Hove Estate Agents Association. ... more

Leaders creating 50 jobs in Derby at new national admin hub

We are recruiting more than 50 people to work in our new admin hub in Derby.... more

Why buying a property with a tenant in situ is the smart choice

Properties with tenants in situ are becoming more popular with landlords.... more

National estate agents takes first steps in Crewe

Leaders is delighted to welcome the team from South & Co in Crewe, which we recently acquired.... more

Industry advances remembered 10 years after death of lettings pioneer

Neville Lee, the founder of Leaders, passed away 10 years ago today. ... more

Busy start to 2018 with 9% surge in property searches

More people are searching for a new home since the start of 2018.... more

Staying a step ahead of new energy regulations

Landlords must act now to ensure their properties comply with new energy regulations.... more

Investment Property of the Month: January 2018

Check out this perfect investment - a multi-unit freehold block of apartments in Kelvedon!... more

Five issues all landlords must consider in 2018

Landlords have plenty to think about as 2018 gets underway.... more

Re-mortgaging your property portfolio – can you claim relief?

How can landlords benefit from regulations when remortgaging a property?... more

One of Cheshire's most experienced property experts to head up Leaders in north-west

Debra McHale has joined Leaders as area sales manager for the north-west. ... more

Leaders names Teenage Cancer Trust as new charity partner

Teenage Cancer Trust is our new charity partner for 2018. ... more

Sales progression specialists ‘reduce property sale fall-throughs by 20%’

Sales progression technology can help people to move up to three weeks sooner.... more

Revealed: The top 5 places to invest in property in 2018

The best towns and cities in which to buy to let have been named by Leaders.... more

Here’s what to look out for in the property market in 2018

The property market is set to enjoy a prosperous 2018.... more

Property firm hosts Festive Friday fundraiser and reaches £50,000 fundraising target

Our Festive Friday celebration raised thousands of pounds for charity.... more

Worthing property expert rejoins local Leaders team

Neil Simmons has been appointed as Lettings Manager at our Worthing branch.... more

Landlords without emergency cover facing 50% hike in Christmas repairs

Landlords without adequate cover could face hefty repair bills over Christmas.... more

2017 ‘has been a positive year for sales and lettings markets’

There have been plenty of positives in the property market in 2017.... more

Leaders arrives in Crewe following fifth acquisition in six weeks

Leaders has made its first move into Crewe following a new acquisition. ... more

Hampshire estate agents deliver advent calendars to local children’s hospice

Our Hampshire branches have delivered advent calendars to Naomi House & Jacksplace Children's Hospice.... more

Investment Property of the Month: November 2017

Take a look at this property in Haywards Heath, which is our top investment for November.... more

Is your investment property adequately insured?

Having the right insurance in place is a must for landlords.... more

Consider your property’s carbon monoxide safety during government consultation

Carbon monoxide is a threat every landlord should take seriously. ... more

Which UK postcodes offer the best returns to landlords?

Postcodes in Liverpool have been revealed to be among the best in the UK for investors.... more

Autumn 2017 Budget – the impact on landlords

How will the Budget affect you? Our tax partner has explored the issue.... more

Leaders Romans Group responds to the Budget

Adrian Gill has responded to this week's Budget announcement.... more

New year moves: Act now to get ahead of the competition

Getting a property on the market before Christmas can be a wise move.... more

Leaders Romans Group reveals major expansion of New Homes department

The Leaders Romans Group has announced plans to expand its New Homes department.... more

Selling your home in winter? Here’s how to attract a buyer…

Winter can be a great time to sell a property, providing you follow our top tips.... more

Leaders continues to grow in Norwich after fourth acquisition

Leaders has acquired City Lettings in Norwich, expanding the company's presence in the city.... more

Is buying to let the ultimate retirement strategy?

Investing in property can be a shrewd move ahead of retirement.... more

House prices rise by 2.3% in three months

House prices continue to rise, with a 2.3 per cent increase recorded in the last three months alone.... more

Why it pays to be a female in the male dominated property industry

The Leaders Romans Group has declared its support for equal opportunities in the property industry.... more

Local estate agent delighted to confirm sponsorship of Hedge End theatre

Our Hedge End branch is delighted to announce it is sponsoring a local theatre.... more

Getting your rental property ready for winter

Landlords should prepare ahead of the cold winter months to avoid problems when bad weather hits... more

Leaders Romans Group continues expansion with two acquisitions in 24 hours

The Leaders Romans Group has completed two acquisitions in the last 24 hours.... more

Find out if your house is haunted this Halloween – and how that affects its value!

Is your house haunted? It might be worth more than you realise! ... more

Investment Property of the month: October 2017

A new development of 10 high-quality apartments in Surbiton is now on the market.... more

Tighter regulation of landlords and letting agents announced

Landlords will soon have to sign up to an industry ombudsman scheme.... more

UK house prices up by 5% in last year

House prices continued to rise at a steady rate over the last 12 months.... more

Landlord tax: Is a company for me?

Our specialist tax partner Kreston Reeves has looked at the issue of buying to let as a limited company.... more

More people will rent than have a mortgage by 2024

The UK's rental market will soon overtake the mortgage sector, according to new figures.... more

Rapport with branch staff is crucial when selling, but how local really is your estate agent?

Many people prioritise working with local experts when it comes to selling their home.... more

Five great ways to make your property more energy-efficient this winter

How can you make your home more energy-efficient? We have five top tips.... more

The UK’s happiest place to live revealed…

A beautiful Midlands town has been named as the happiest place to live in the country.... more

What do buyers really look at in your home? Eye tracking technology reveals all…

A new study has revealed buyers focus on furnishings and personal belongings during viewings.... more

Investment Property of the Month: September 2017

Ambitious investors should consider purchasing one or more of these fantastic flats in Brighton.... more

Leaders Romans Group plans further expansion after double acquisition

The Leaders Romans Group has completed a double acquisition in Hampshire.... more

Filing a paper tax return? Remember the deadline this October

The tax return deadline is imminent and landlords have been given a useful reminder.... more

How to extend the lease or buy the freehold to your property

Extending a lease or buying a freehold can be an attractive option for landlords. But how does it work?... more

Do furnished holiday lets have a role in your property portfolio?

Our tax partner Kreston Reeves has taken a look at the issue of holiday lets as part of an investment portfolio.... more

Rental income continues to rise, despite increase in supply

Landlords are enjoying higher rental income as more properties come to the market.... more

How the Bank of Mum and Dad keeps the rental market moving

The Bank of Mum and Dad is helping more people to rent homes in the UK.... more

Brexit ‘not a consideration for home movers’

Brexit has not had a significant impact on the UK's prosperous property market.... more

Top 5 things landlords should look for in an investment property

Landlords should choose the property carefully when buying to let. ... more

Why do savvy sellers select September as the perfect time to hit the market?

September is a fantastic time to sell a property, particularly for those looking to move by Christmas.... more

Landlords ‘should invest in student properties for high yields’

Student property provides a lucrative investment opportunity for many landlords. ... more

Bedford estate agents raise £1,500 for local children’s hospice in charity skydive

Two of our team members in Bedford have raised almost £1,500 for Together for Short Lives after skydiving. ... more

Open house event to provide homeowners with golden opportunity to sell

A special open house event will provide sellers with a great opportunity to sell their homes.... more

Strength of property market clear as asking prices increase

Asking prices are on the up - and nowhere is the property market looking stronger than in the Midlands! ... more

Investment Property of the month: August 2017

Our top investment opportunity this month is the sale of two flats in Worthing.... more

Why buying a property via a trust makes sense for many investors

Buying a property through a trust can be beneficial for many landlords.... more

Why do we spend more time choosing sofas and laptops than a new home?

Many people buy a property after spending less than 30 minutes inside.... more

Extra stamp duty ‘fails to put landlords off buy-to-let market’

Investors are still buying properties in huge numbers, despite a rise in stamp duty.... more

Property market ‘bouncing back since general election’

The property market is enjoying a successful summer, with the number of sales on the up. ... more

Derby estate agents expanding after local acquisition

We recently completed an exciting acquisition in Derby, expanding our presence in the city.... more

Five great things to do in Weybridge!

Planning a day out in Weybridge? Read our guide to the best things to do in the town.... more

Where are the best dog-friendly pubs in Weybridge?

Finding a dog-friendly pub doesn't need to be a challenge in Weybridge, as we have compiled a list of the five best establishments to visit.... more

The Hamble School’s high achievers honoured at awards ceremony

We were delighted to once again attend The Hamble School's annual awards ceremony. ... more

UK house prices growing, but where are the largest rises happening?

House prices are rising across the UK, albeit at different rates in various regions.... more

Tax Expert: Are you prepared for all eventualities?

Would your property portfolio stand up to a market slowdown or crash? Although property remains one of the safest investments, it's always wise to be prepared.... more

6 essential questions to ask yourself before buying to let

Investors should ask themselves six important questions before committing to a purchase.... more

Almost half of young people ‘now live in expanding private rented sector’

The private rented sector continues to grow and is now made up of 4.5 million households.... more

Revealed: Most common reasons landlords deduct money from tenant deposits

A variety of factors can lead to deposit disputes, but what is the most common cause?... more

Investment Property of the Month: July 2017

Take a look at the top investment opportunity for July - two flats in one building in Lowestoft! ... more

Leaders’ directors complete Loud & Proud walk for children’s hospices

A charity walk has raised more than £4,000 for Together for Short Lives. ... more

Leaders’ growth continues with latest acquisition in Derby

Leaders has completed the purchase of Derby-based lettings business, MBM Management Limited.... more

Number of first-time buyers nears all-time high

First-time buyer levels in the first half of 2017 are not far off the peak in 2006, according to the latest Halifax figures.... more

Bognor property expert expects busy second half of 2017

James Bambridge is delighted to be working in the Bognor property market once again.... more

Buy-to-let market to offer 'lucrative opportunities' in coming years

There are plenty of reasons to continue to invest in the buy-to-let market.... more

Newly-promoted property experts forecast bright future for Midlands market

Two of our Midlands property professionals have spoken of a positive future for the local market.... more

Major cities lead the way as UK house prices continue to rise

House prices are rising in many of the UK's major cities.... more

Estate agents' New Homes service offers developers access to 100,000 investors

Our New Homes service is the best way to market a development of new-build properties.... more

More landlords choosing to work with letting agents

A rising number of landlords are using the services of professional letting agents.... more

Leaders agents take up gardening to support Chestnut Tree House

A number of our managers took part in a charity gardening day recently.... more

Where is the happiest place to live in the UK?

The happiest place to live in the UK has been revealed...... more

Leaders back on the acquisition trail with Nottingham expansion

Leaders has completed an acquisition in Nottingham, increasing our profile in the city.... more

Investment Property of the Month: June 2017

Our top investment property in June is a fabulous one-bed apartment in Ocean Village.... more

What does the election result mean for landlords and tax?

A guide to the election's impact on tax for landlords has been penned by Kreston Reeves.... more

General election 2017

Adrian Gill, chief executive officer at Leaders, has issued a summary of the general election's likely impact on the property market.... more

Best high street estate agents significantly outperform online rivals

Traditional estate agents can help sellers to make the most of their homes.... more

New ARLA representative for the Midlands announced

Duncan Chambers is the newest board member at ARLA, where he will represent the Midlands.... more

Signed Portsmouth and Southampton shirts raise hundreds for Naomi House & Jacksplace

A charity prize draw has raised hundreds of pounds for Together for Short Lives.... more

Estate agents raises £22,000 for hospice charity in a week!

Leaders branches loud and proud in support of Childrens Hospice Week.... more

House prices rise for fifth consecutive month

House prices across the UK continue to head upwards in 2017.... more

All you need to know about insurance for landlords

Landlords can protect themselves with a variety of insurance products.... more

Latest legislation updates all landlords must be aware of

A number of pieces of new legislation affect landlords in different ways.... more

Making Tax Digital - a focus for landlords

Landlords have been given advice on how to make organising their tax affairs a digital process.... more

Investment Property of the Month: May 2017

Our top investment opportunity in May is the Central Cross development in Croydon.... more

Fast broadband and two toilets now 'must-haves' for homebuyers

Fast broadband is one of the top priorities for modern property buyers.... more

Signed Southampton, Portsmouth and Bournemouth shirts to be won in charity prize draw

Three signed football shirts are the top prizes in a charity prize draw.... more

Demand for property in Gunwharf Quays hits record levels as summer approaches

Gunwharf is proving to be a major hit with buyers and tenants this spring. ... more

How to make your property more attractive to buyers for under £500

Just a few hundred pounds is all it takes to make a property more attractive to buyers.... more

Estate agent turns up the volume for Children’s Hospice Week

Children's Hospice Week will see plenty of fundraising by Leaders branches.... more

10 things guaranteed to put your buyer off!

Sellers must avoid the most common mistakes in order to sell their home quickly. ... more

Homes near ‘outstanding’ schools attract £50,000 premium

Living near a school can add thousands to the value of your home.... more

Leaders and Romans are back acquiring after short break

Leaders and Romans are ready to acquire new businesses to add to their branch network.... more

One-year countdown for landlords to meet energy target begins

Landlords must ensure their properties achieve a minimum of an E rating in energy tests by next April.... more

Revealed: Top 10 towns where house prices have grown fastest

Godalming has been highlighted as the leading town for house price growth in the last year.... more

Experienced Warrington property expert to head up local estate agents

Our Warrington branch is now being managed by experienced property expert Rebecca Hubbard. ... more

Investment Property of the Month: April 2017

A one-bedroom flat in Portsmouth is our top investment opportunity for April, offering a yield of 6.49 per cent.... more

One-year countdown for landlords to meet energy target begins

Landlords have a year to ensure their properties comply with new energy regulations.... more

Rental property "still a strong investment post-Brexit"

The buy-to-let market remains one of the most lucrative investment options in the UK.... more

Spring clean your legal and financial affairs

Spring is the perfect time to get your financial affairs up to date.... more

Government to force letting agents to offer Client Money Protection

Client Money Protection will soon become compulsory for letting agents.... more

Which is the best day of the week to sell a property?

Monday has been revealed as the best day of the week to put a property on the market.... more

Choosing a regulated letting agents a must for landlords

Choosing a trustworthy letting agents is a must for landlords.... more

What does Brexit mean for the UK property market?

Brexit is less than two years away - so what does it mean for the property market?... more

£2,000 in cash prizes up for grabs in new Love Living In photo competition

Love Living In returns for 2017 as an exciting new photo competition.... more

Investment Property of the Month: March 2017

Our top investment opportunity this month comes in the shape of a two-bedroom house in Lowestoft.... more

Selling this spring? Make sure your property stands out from the competition

Preparing a property for sale can make all the difference in spring.... more

Importance of private rented sector continues to grow

The private rented sector grew in size in 2016, new figures have revealed.... more

5 factors landlords must consider before picking the perfect investment property

Landlords should consider these five points before committing to a property purchase.... more

Landlords: How does the Budget 2017 affect your property business?

What does the recent Budget mean for landlords?... more

National property specialist exceeds £50,000 fundraising aim for local children's hospices

Leaders recently handed over a cheque for £50,291 to our charity partner Together for Short Lives.... more

How to revolutionise your home's kerb appeal in just 24 hours!

Improving kerb appeal can be the key to selling a property.... more

Top tips: How to make a successful offer for a property

Making the right offer is essential in getting a property purchase up and running.... more

New stamp of approval for property industry unveiled

A new seal of approval for the property industry has been revealed.... more

Revealed: 8 crucial laws landlords should (but often don't) know

Landlords should brush up on their legal knowledge to ensure they avoid a range of penalties.... more

Why is buy-to-let still the best option for investors?

Buy-to-let still stands above all other investment options when it comes to delivering a great return.... more

Investment Property of the Month: February 2017

This beautiful family home in Burgess Hill is our top investment opportunity in February.... more

It's official: House prices up by more than 7% in last year

House prices in the UK rose by 7.2 per cent last year, creating a great opportunity for homeowners to sell.... more

Landlord Tax: Are you claiming everything you could be?

Jo White has provided a handy guide to the issue of tax and what landlords might be entitled to.... more

Landlords - are you ready for new electrical safety laws in April?

Landlords should tackle electrical safety before the possible arrival of new legislation.... more

Experienced property expert to head up Leaders' sales division in Surrey and Kent

Adam Howell has joined Leaders to lead its sales operations in Surrey and Kent. ... more

It's a great time to sell or let as property market records strong start to 2017

The property market has enjoyed an extremely strong start to 2017.... more

Property market perfect for first-time buyers as numbers hit 15-year high

First-time buyers are rising in number thanks to favourable market conditions.... more

Jobs on offer at property specialist's upcoming recruitment evening

Careers in the property industry are now available at Leaders in Hampshire and Dorset.... more

Unsafe gas appliances are found in 1 in 5 privately rented homes

Some 21 per cent of privately rented homes contain an unsafe gas appliance.... more

5 unexpected things that can make your home more desirable to buyers

Many surprising factors contribute to the value of a property.... more

Investment Property of the Month: January 2017

Our top investment opportunity this month is the development at Russell House in Brighton.... more

Five things all landlords must prepare for in 2017

Landlords should be ready to adhere to five important pieces of legislation in 2017.... more

Outstanding BTL returns attract investors despite bad press

Investors are still keen on property, despite two key changes by the government.... more

Letting agents help landlords save £2,000 a year

Landlords can save £2,000 a year by using a professional letting agents.... more

Recent and forthcoming tax changes affecting landlords

Jo White has issued a guide to a number of recent and upcoming tax changes.... more

5 top tips to help you move with less stress

Moving home does not have to be a stressful experience for those who follow five top tips.... more

Five key trends to look out for in the property market in 2017

Find out about the five key trends that we believe will define the property market throughout the next year.... more

Festive Friday at Leaders brings fundraising total for childrens charity to £50,000

Staff at Leaders threw themselves into a variety of festive-themed fundraising activities on 16th December to reach their £50,000 target for their charity partner.... more

Selling in the new year? Here's how to get your property ready for the market

Getting your property ready for sale can help to attract a buyer and achieve a great price.... more

Poole estate agents steps in to support charity shop after burglary

Leaders has stepped in to support a charity shop in Poole after it had money stolen in a recent burglary.... more

5 key benefits of buying a property to let with a tenant in situ

Buying an investment property with a tenant in situ offers plenty of benefits.... more

Main sponsor for Worthing Rotary Christmas Tree Appeal revealed

Leaders in Worthing has put its name to one of the town's major Christmas attractions.... more

Selling or letting in the new year? Here's how to get ahead of the competition

Now is the time to get a home on the market in order to take advantage of a seasonal boom in demand.... more

Estate Agent's pop-up Festive Cafe to raise money for Acorns

A pop-up cafe in Redditch will be raising money for Acorns this Christmas.... more

Investment Property of the Month: November

The Aspect development in Altrincham is our top investment opportunity in November.... more

How to avoid mould - and a dispute between landlords and tenants

Landlords should do all they can to avoid a dispute over mould.... more

Are you aware of the new tax liabilities impacting landlords?

New tax liabilities are due to be introduced - and landlords should be aware of the details.... more

Property Investment Hub revolutionises buying and selling BTL properties in the UK

Property Investment Hub has become the number one online space for investors.... more

How to get yourself in the strongest position to buy a home

Buyers can get pre-approved to ensure they are more appealing to sellers.... more

Prison for landlords who fail to comply with Right to Rent

Landlords who fail to comply with Right to Rent could soon face jail terms.... more

PSH continues to expand as Leaders completes two more acquisitions

Leaders has completed two further acquisitions in Worcester and Bury St Edmunds.... more

One industry force creates more opportunities than ever before

Leaders and Romans are offering a range of new opportunities to property professionals.... more

Defective eviction notices "costing DIY landlords"

Landlords could lose time and money if the fail to issue the right eviction notices.... more

Don't believe the myth - winter is a great time to sell your home

There are many advantages of selling a property during the winter months.... more

Brexit fears unfounded as mortgage deals get cheaper

Mortgages have become cheaper and more plentiful since the Brexit vote.... more

Average tenant "expects to rent for another 10 years"

An average tenant in the UK believes they will rent a home for another 10 years.... more

No Brexit effect as house prices surge and buyer demand rises

House prices are still rising and demand is growing, despite the UK's Brexit vote.... more

Estate agent to turn photographer for special photo shoot in aid of Chestnut Tree House

A photography event is being held in West Sussex in aid of Together for Short Lives.... more

Halloween pop-up café to raise money for Acorns

A Halloween cafe will soon be popping up on the streets of Redditch in support of Acorns.... more

Sussex careers evening to showcase prospects of property industry jobs

Fancy a property career? Our Sussex branches are looking for talented staff now.... more

Investment Property of the Month: October

Looking for an investment property that delivers a yield of six per cent? This flat in Eastbourne fits the bill.... more

Beckenham beer festival raises £6,000 for local charities

A beer festival in Beckenham was held in support of a number of charities.... more

Getting your rental property ready for winter

Preparing a property ahead of winter can make it easier to let.... more

Government changes 'to make tax calculations simpler for landlords'

The government has proposed new tax regulations that could make life simpler for landlords.... more

Property? Savings? Stock market? The UK's best investment since 2006 revealed...

Property has delivered a greater return than any other investment in the last 10 years.... more

18 months for landlords to reach eco-friendly target

Landlords must ensure their homes meet eco targets by April 2018.... more

Fall in BTL mortgage rates to boost returns for landlords

Buy-to-let mortgage rates are at an all-time low.... more

Landlords: All you need to know about tax returns ahead of 31st October deadline

Landlords should be preparing to submit their tax returns by 31st October.... more

What has been the best investment in the past ten years?

Statistics show property has been the best-performing investment in recent years.... more

Love where you live? Community-focused video competition deadline extended

There are just two weeks left for people to enter our Love Living In competition.... more

Gas safety "a serious issue" for landlords

Landlords must ensure they meet their obligations when it comes to gas safety.... more

National property investment show coming to Norwich

Norwich is set to host the National Landlord Investment Show later this month.... more

5 reasons to consider selling a property at auction

Selling a property at auction can be quick, easy and secure.... more

Leaders and Romans committed to further expansion after 14 acquisitions in a year

2016 has proved to be a year of expansion for Leaders and sister company Romans.... more

Proposed changes to stamp duty filing and payment processes

Our tax partner Spofforths has provided this useful guide to possible stamp duty changes.... more

Investment Property of the Month: September 2016

This house in Redditch offers investors the chance to enjoy a 6.5 per cent yield.... more

How to ensure your property for sale stands out from the crowd this autumn

Selling a property in autumn is a good move, but homes must be prepared accordingly.... more

Number of home movers and average prices on the rise

Recent studies show the property market has enjoyed a successful first half of 2016.... more

New Midlands property specialist to exhibit at landlord show

Leaders will be exhibiting at the upcoming National Landlord Investment Show in West Bromwich.... more

Final chance to win £1,000 by showing what you love about your hometown

Love living in is due to come to an end in just three weeks' time.... more

Cheaper mortgages and rise in first-time buyers "great news for property market"

Several factors have combined to make it a good time for homeowners to buy and sell.... more

Sussex estate agent privileged to represent county at ARLA

Ian Colban will once again serve as ARLA's representative for Sussex.... more

Out of the shadows: Britain's top five "Cinderella towns" named

Five towns packed with potential have been named by Leaders.... more

New online hub enables investors to access hundreds of BTL properties with "outstanding potential"

A new online marketplace for buy-to-let investors has been launched by Leaders.... more

Investment Property of the Month: August

A stylish development in Brighton has presented a golden opportunity to investors.... more

Smaller households "to become the norm"

The average number of people living in each property is set to fall in the coming years.... more

Why summer is a great time to sell your house

Summer has been identified as a great time of the year to sell a home.... more

Plans to lower corporation tax following Brexit and the impact on landlords

Our specialist tax partner Spofforths has issued a guide to recent changes to tax rules for landlords.... more

A guide to Brexit for landlords

Landlords have been advised it is business as usual following the Brexit vote.... more

Confidence in Worthing property market displayed at Lions Festival

We were delighted to sponsor the recent Worthing Lions Festival.... more

Base rate cut to record low of 0.25%

Leaders has responded to the Bank of England's decision to lower the base rate. ... more

£1,000 top prize up for grabs in community-focused video competition

Love living in is up and running and is offering people the chance to win £1,000.... more

Top towns to get on the property ladder named

The top five towns to get on the property ladder have been named.... more

Dedicated online hub for property investors launched

Property Investment Hub is the new one-stop online marketplace for property investors.... more

National estate agents to make its mark in Birmingham

We have recently taken our first steps into the city of Birmingham.... more

Exceptional Hamble students receive leadership awards

A number of students in Hamble have been rewarded for their leadership skills.... more

Luxury marina apartments snapped up at open day

A number of luxury apartments have been sold and let following a successful open day.... more

How can you beat the burglars during your summer holiday?

Holidaymakers must consider the threat posed by burglars before going away this summer.... more

Brexit unlikely to have a negative impact on landlords

Tenant demand increases following the referendum and there are no signs that Brexit will have an unduly negative impact on the rental market.... more

Our top investment opportunity of the month

This two-bedroom apartment in Milton Keynes provides a lucrative investment opportunity for a number of reasons.... more

National estate agent sees surge in viewings a week after the Brexit vote

It is business as normal in the property market following the vote for Brexit.... more

How can landlords attract families?

Families are now the largest group of renters in the UK, making them crucial to landlords.... more

Bedford and Stamford welcome Leaders

Bedford and Stamford are among the latest towns to boast a new Leaders branch.... more

What does the future of the mortgage market mean for landlords?

The mortgage market could have a significant impact on investors in the coming years.... more

Ask the tax expert: Make the most of tax allowances

Invaluable tax advice for landlords has been provided by Jo White of tax specialists Spofforths.... more

Leaders adds eight branches in a month as expansion plans continue

Leaders has added eight new branches in the last month, including two in Birmingham.... more

5 questions all tenants should ask before renting a home

Tenants should consider a variety of key points before renting a home.... more

Home buyers make up their minds "in five minutes"

Many viewers decide whether they like a property in less than five minutes. ... more

Go behind the scenes of Brighton Marina development at open day

An open day is set to give people a chance to take a look at the new Brighton Marina development.... more

Video competition asks people to show why they love their hometown

Our Love living in film competition is now up and running for 2016.... more

School's fun-filled summer fair hailed as a huge success

A summer fair sponsored by Leaders achieved fantastic results.... more

National estate agents takes first steps into Chester

Leaders has acquired a firm in Chester, giving us our first presence in the city.... more

Trio of Worcester estate agents merge to join national firm

Recent mergers have created one of Worcester's largest and most successful teams of property specialists.... more

Leaders' response to the EU Referendum result

Leaders has issued a statement following the result of the EU Referendum.... more

Sussex estate agents turn to gardening to support Chestnut Tree House

A group of staff have supported Chestnut Tree House by offering their gardening skills.... more

Where do young professionals want to live?

Young professionals are most likely to want to live in Hove, according to new research.... more

Leaders hosts charity golf day in support of local children's hospice

Leaders in Epsom is preparing to host a charity golf day in support of Shooting Star Chase.... more

Immigration Act 2016 to give more power to landlords

The Immigration Act 2016 is set to make it easier for landlords to evict certain tenants.... more

Investment Property of the Month: June

Our Investment Property of the Month for June is a portfolio of two flats in Ipswich.... more

Ask the tax expert: Property maintenance

Our tax partner Spofforths has issued useful advice on maintaining a rental property.... more

Estate agency raises £20,000 for Together for Short Lives during Children's Hospice Week

Leaders' staff raised more than £20,000 for charity during the recent Children's Hospice Week.... more

Estate agents to tackle Great Sussex Bath Race in support of Chestnut Tree House

Four Sussex-based estate agents will take place in a bath race to raise money for charity.... more

Immigration Act 2016 to give more power to landlords

A new Immigration Act will give landlords more power when it comes to evictions.... more

Four important Q&As to help you play it safe when renting and letting

Tenants should always question where and how their deposit is being held.... more

Where are the top 5 places to bring up a family?

The best places to bring up a family in the UK have been revealed. ... more

Latest acquisitions mark Leaders' arrival in Stoke-on-Trent and Chester

Leaders has completed two recent acquisitions in Stoke-on-Trent and Chester.... more

Ipswich dance night to support local children's hospice

A charity dance night is being held in Ipswich in support of Together for Short Lives.... more

Investing in property "more profitable than stock market"

Buying to let has been a more lucrative investment than the stock market in recent times.... more

3 top tips for a quick sale at a great price

Achieving a quick sale does not have to mean compromising on price.... more

Most common causes of landlord insurance claims revealed

Storm damage leads to more landlord insurance claims than any other event. ... more

What tax issues affect buy-to-let investors?

Tax issues for first-time landlords have been explained by Spofforths.... more

Investment Property of the Month: May

Our top investment property this month is a modern apartment in Chelmsford.... more

Quiz night set to raise funds for local children's hospice

A quiz night in Mansfield will be held in support of Together for Short Lives.... more

Estate agents' staff to bake, cycle, walk and dress up for Children's Hospice Week

Children's Hospice Week will see a number of fundraising efforts by Leaders' staff.... more

Chichester estate agent completes London Marathon for local children's hospice

A member of our team in Chichester ran the London Marathon in support of Together for Short Lives.... more

Essex estate agents set for relaunch

Landlords in Essex can benefit from attending our relaunch events in Colchester and Clacton.... more

Is your tenancy agreement legally compliant?

Many landlords could find their tenancy agreement is not legally compliant.... more

Beckenham estate agents launches Bum in a Bucket charity challenge

Bum in a Bucket is a new charity challenge launched by our Beckenham branch.... more

Tenants granted right to request energy-saving improvements

Landlords must now consider requests from their tenants to make eco-friendly home improvements.... more

Popular Horsham property expert promoted to Sussex role

Kathy Taylor is the new area manager for Sussex at local property specialist Leaders.... more

Why renting is a surprisingly affordable option in Brighton

Renting can work out to be cheaper than buying in some towns and cities.... more

Trio with 60 years' experience head up new Leaders team in Cambridge

A new team in Cambridge is aiming to deliver the same great service to customers.... more

Chichester estate agent to run London Marathon for charity

A member of our team in Chichester is preparing to run the London Marathon for charity.... more

Face of lettings in Sussex marks 30 years at Leaders

Jane Wilkinson recently celebrated her 30th anniversary of joining Leaders.... more

Britain's most beautiful places to live revealed

The top five most beautiful places to live in the UK have been named.... more

Top 5 things landlords should look for in an investment property

Landlords should ask certain questions before investing in a new property.... more

Property careers on offer at Hampshire open evening

Ambitious professionals are invited to a special open evening next month designed to highlight the benefits of a career in the property industry.... more

Brighton house prices add £4,000 in just three months

Homeowners in Brighton have benefited from significant capital growth in recent times.... more

Mortgage interest relief legislation - what does it mean for you?

Our specialist tax partner Spofforths has provided a guide to the issue of mortgage interest relief.... more

Budget 2016 Overview: Property

A number of housing and property-related announcements were made in yesterday’s Budget by Chancellor George Osborne.... more

Investment Property of the Month: March

This month's top investment opportunity is a group of high-quality apartments in Sunbury.... more

Where are the most affordable places to invest?

Liverpool and Manchester offer affordable investment opportunities and the chance to enjoy an excellent return.... more

Four in ten landlords ‘thinking of forming a limited company’

Thousands of landlords are currently considering setting up a limited company.... more

Southend agent becomes latest Essex firm to join Leaders

Leaders has continued to expand its new network of branches in Essex.... more

House prices ‘rose in every region last year’

House prices have increased in every region in England and Wales over the last year.... more

How much has the price of your home risen by?

House prices have increased in all parts of the country in the last year.... more

Investors benefit from booming Brighton buy-to-let market

The Landlord Investment Show is coming to Brighton - and Leaders will be there.... more

Top commuter towns: High Wycombe is number one

High Wycombe is the number one commuter town for London workers. ... more

Leaders appoints former Bridgfords MD to grow in the north

Mark Alcroft has joined Leaders to help the company expand in the north-west.... more

Local property specialist Heritage joins Leaders

Leaders recently acquired Heritage Property, giving us a presence in Warwickshire.... more

Average home buyer moves just nine miles

A typical house move involves a family moving less than nine miles. ... more

Does the buy-to-let market still present an attractive investment option?

Every £1 invested in the buy-to-let market in 1996 would be worth £15 today, underlining just how rewarding the market has proved to be over the years. ... more

New name in Essex property market set to launch

Leaders will launch in Essex at the Landlord Investment Show on March 2nd.... more

New name in property arrives in Ashton

Leaders has launched its new-look office in Ashton, close to Wigan.... more

Investment Property of the Month: February

Our Investment Property of the Month for February is a stylish one-bedroom flat in Ocean Village.... more

Five reasons to love your estate agent this Valentine’s

Striking up a great relationship with an estate agent is a wise move this Valentine's Day.... more

Liverpool landlords to benefit from using a trusted letting agent

Landlords in Liverpool can save money on a new licensing scheme by letting through a professional agent.... more

Does south-east London offer the best value?

South-east London could be the ideal place to buy a home in the capital.... more

Ask the tax expert: Wear and tear

Our tax partner Spofforths has provided a useful guide to the issue of wear and tear.... more

Ipswich investors invited to meet the experts at buy-to-let evening

A special event in Ipswich will aim to help buy-to-let investors make the most of the property market.... more

Leaders expands into Essex with latest acquisition

Leaders has moved into Essex following the recent acquisition of More Estate Agents. ... more

Estate agents doubles fundraising target for local children’s hospice services

Leaders is aiming to raise at least £50,000 for Together for Short Lives in 2016.... more

2016’s top five property hotspots revealed

The top five places to invest have been revealed by Leaders. ... more

Investors rushing to buy-to-let market before new stamp duty rules

Imminent changes to stamp duty regulations mean there is a rush to invest in property.... more

One in three landlords 'plan to raise rents in next six months'

The lettings market is set to continue to grow in 2016, with rents rising at a rapid rate.... more

National Landlord Investment Show arrives in Guildford

The Landlord Investment Show is coming to Guildford later this month.... more

Which postcode offers the best buy-to-let return?

Manchester has been revealed as the UK's top buy-to-let hotspot.... more

Five top new year resolutions for landlords

Landlords should make new year resolutions in order to make the most from their property.... more

Landlords: Are you ready for Right to Rent?

Landlords will soon be legally required to check if tenants have the right to rent in the UK.... more

Property market set for strong and steady growth in 2016

Leaders believes 2016 is set to be a bumper year for both sales and lettings.... more

Should landlords set up a limited company?

Following recent tax changes, some landlords may be interested in setting up a limited company.... more

Investment Property of the Month - January

A two-bedroom flat in Manchester provides a great investment opportunity this month.... more

Sell or let your waterside property at the London Boat Show

Leaders Waterside will be exhibiting at the upcoming London Boat Show.... more

Hart, Winchester and Guildford among best places to live in UK

The Hampshire district of Hart is the best place to live in the UK.... more

Flats leading the way as house prices continue to rise in 2015

Flats rose in value more than any other type of property in the last year. ... more

2015 Review: Legislation and tax changes to impact on landlords

A number of legislative changes that affect landlords have been made in 2015. ... more

NAEA welcomes Leaders as a member

Leaders is delighted to have become a member of the National Association of Estate Agents.... more

Flats leading the way as house prices continue to rise in 2015

Flats have been named as the type of property that rose in value quickest in the last year.... more

Top 10: Our most eye-catching homes of 2015

The ten most intriguing and beautiful homes of 2015 have been revealed.... more

Leaders raises £45,000 for Together for Short Lives and local children’s hospices

Leaders has handed over a cheque for £45,000 to Together for Short Lives.... more

Local businesses pull together to make Christmas fair a huge success

Leaders was delighted to help out at a Christmas fair in Worthing last week. ... more

Portsmouth estate agents shave their heads for charity

A charity head shave has raised more than £400 for Together for Short Lives. ... more

Latest acquisition makes 2015 a record-breaker for Leaders

Leaders has acquired Heritage Property in Leamington Spa and Kenilworth. ... more

Autumn Statement impacts on landlords

Our tax partner Spofforths has provided an insight into the implications of the Autumn Statement.... more

Investment Property of the Month: December

This two-bedroom apartment in Southampton provides an excellent buy-to-let opportunity.... more

Leaders’ response to the Autumn Statement: November 2015

Clare Tobin, chief operating officer at Leaders, has given her view on the Autumn Statement.... more

Selling or letting your property in the New Year? Here’s how to get ahead of the competition

Getting your property on the market now can lead to success in the new year. ... more

High demand from tenants looking for a home to rent by Christmas

A huge number of tenants are still hoping to secure a new home in time for Christmas.... more

Leaders welcomes newly-acquired Faulkner teams in Milton Keynes and Buckingham

Leaders has extended a warm welcome to the employees of Faulkner Property Management who have joined the company following a recent acquisition.... more

HMO licensing boundaries change for Brighton and Hove landlords

Landlords in Brighton and Hove could be affected by new legislation.... more

Five top tips: How to sell your home in winter

Focusing on certain areas of a home can make it easier to sell in the winter.... more

Worthing property specialist raises £385 on Halloween fun day

A Halloween fun day raised almost £400 for a national children's charity.... more

Why are rents for one-bedroom flats rising so quickly?

One-bedroom flats provide an attractive investment opportunity to landlords.... more

Wider coverage for landlords: 10 new branches added to Leaders’ network

A number of recent acquisitions have brought the number of Leaders branches to 111.... more

Where will the largest house price rises occur by 2020?

House prices are predicted to continue to rise across the UK in the next five years.... more

Children invited to draw their dream home for charity competition

Leaders in East Anglia is running a competition in support of Together for Short Lives this month.... more

Two acquisitions and five new branches for rapidly-expanding Leaders

Leaders has increased its number of branches following two recent acquisitions. ... more

Investment Property of the Month: November

Cyberquay is an exciting development in Manchester that will create 204 new apartments. ... more

Are you taking advantage of tax relief on your furnished properties?

Jo White, tax consultant at Spofforths, has provided a guide to maximising tax relief benefits.... more

Fee transparency a must for all reputable letting agents

Leaders has called for more letting agents to display their fees.... more

Tenant demand growing: Is now the time to invest in property?

The majority of landlords believe tenant demand is either steady or rising.... more

Successful property specialist unveils new Derbyshire branches

Leaders has officially launched its six new branches in the East Midlands.... more

Remortgaging - are real savings possible?

Remortgaging is one option many people take in order to save money.... more

Get your budget right for moving: 5 key costs to consider

Moving home can be an expensive process, so budgeting is crucial. ... more

Local property experts AJR join Leaders

Leaders recently completed the acquisition of AJR in Loughborough and Quorn.... more

Buy-to-let remains ‘an extremely attractive investment option’

There are many reasons to invest in a buy-to-let property. ... more

Guildford estate agents complete Royal Parks half marathon for Together for Short Lives and Shooting Star Chase

Two estate agents have raised money for charity by completing a half-marathon.... more

Landlords: 2014/15 tax return deadline looms but don’t pay more than necessary

The deadline for landlords to submit their tax returns is less than two weeks away.... more

How much is living in a market town worth?

Living in a market town could mean your property is worth more than the average home.... more

Ascot and East Grinstead among UK’s top five spots for rental growth

Rental growth in Ascot and East Grinstead has been extremely strong in the last year.... more

Matt takes 10,000ft leap of faith for Naomi House & Jacksplace

Matt Dalton, manager of our Port Solent branch, has skydived in aid of a local charity.... more

Revealed: The top ten family-friendly commuter towns for London workers

The top ten towns for London commuters have been named by Leaders.... more

Review: How has buy-to-let mortgage finance changed in the last year?

The last year has been a fascinating period for the buy-to-let mortgage market.... more

Investment Property of the Month: October

Our Investment Property of the Month for October is a flat in Bournemouth.... more

Landlords boosted by falling void periods

High tenant demand and short voids make it a great time to be a landlord.... more

Why are three-bedroom houses so popular with renters?

Three-bedroom houses appeal to renters of all ages and personal circumstances.... more

Completing your Tax Return: 31st October deadline looms

Along with everything that needs to be done as a landlord, you must make sure your tax position is up to date. ... more

North-south divide in property prices ‘clearer than ever’

The property market is witnessing a new north-south divide.... more

New name in property set to launch in Derby

Leaders is set to launch in Derbyshire with two special events.... more

Landlords: Are you ready for the new rules effective from 1st October?

Landlords must now provide a smoke alarm and carbon detector on every floor of their properties.... more

Are you taking advantage of tax relief on your furnished properties?

A tax expert has offered advice to landlords on getting maximum tax relief.... more

Leaders expands to Leicestershire

Leaders has added two extra branches in Leicestershire to its national network.... more

National Landlord Investment Show returns to Manchester

Leaders is one of more than 50 companies set to exhibit in Manchester... more

Getting your deposit back: 5 tips for tenants

Tenants should maintain their homes over time to ensure their deposit is returned.... more

Trio of acquisitions keeps estate agent’s expansion plans on track

Leaders has confirmed the acquisition of three businesses in the UK.... more

DIY-loving Brits spend £22bn on home improvements

Many Brits love nothing more than to spend money on improving their homes.... more

How will the Budget changes to mortgage interest relief for buy-to-let landlords affect you?

Landlords have been advised on how they will be affected by new regulations.... more

Investment Property of the Month: September

Our golden investment opportunity this month can be found in Warrington.... more

Worthing estate agents abseil 100 meters for local children’s hospice

Five estate agents have abseiled down the Spinnaker Tower for charity. ... more

Rustington film wins schoolgirl and cheerleading team £500 each in national competition

A Rustington schoolgirl has won a national film competition with a video of the village.... more

Number of buy-to-let mortgages reach 1,000

The number of buy-to-let mortgages on the market is at a seven-year high.... more

Five key legal changes imminent for landlords

The five major legislative changes that will affect landlords from England over the coming months.... more

Manchester estate agents complete Big Fun Run for charity

Five members of the Leaders team in Manchester have run for charity. ... more

Guide to getting the most from your property viewings

There are plenty of things to remember when viewing a house you are interested in.... more

Can you benefit from becoming an ‘accidental landlord’?

Becoming an accidental landlord is not uncommon and can be rewarding.... more

Social media users pick St Albans video as winner of national film competition

St Albans is the subject of a prize-winning video from Joe Medforth. ... more

Southampton Boat Show offers perfect opportunity to sell a waterside home

The Southampton Boat Show provides an ideal opportunity to showcase properties.... more

Cheltenham property specialist’s quiz night raises £1,500 for James Hopkins Trust

A quiz night in Cheltenham raised £1,500 for Together for Short Lives.... more

Do you live in a road, avenue or close? The answer can affect your home’s value

The first line of an address can make a huge difference to a property's value.... more

Property advice and insight on offer at Basingstoke open evening

An event in Basingstoke will give people the chance to seek property advice.... more

New £40m Redhill development to trigger property market growth

Redhill's property market could be boosted by a £40 million scheme.... more

Forest Hill and Sydenham film wins local couple £1,000 in estate agent competition

The winners of our 'Love living in' competition have received their prize.... more

How can you beat the burglars during your summer holiday?

Protecting your home against burglars is important at this time of the year. ... more

Average home gains £9,000 in value as house prices hit all-time high

House prices across the UK rose in the 12 months to June. ... more

What should you do if your letting agent goes bust?

Seeking a letting agent with experience and ARLA membership is a good move.... more

Hove is the ultimate chic coastal retreat

Hove has become one of the most stylish seaside towns in the UK.... more

Leaders launches in Mansfield and Nottingham

Leaders held successful launch events in Nottingham and Mansfield last week.... more

Budget 2015: How are you affected?

Our tax partner Spofforths has given its view on the recent Budget announcement.... more

One in three landlords ‘have experienced property damage’

Damage caused to rental homes is a problem facing many landlords.... more

How does rental income affect the amount you can borrow?

Judging rental income accurately is the key to a successful buy-to-let project.... more

Seven southern cities enjoy huge rise in house prices

House prices have been rising at a rapid rate in the south of England.... more

Investment Property of the Month: August

This one-bedroom apartment in Southampton is our top investor tip right now.... more

Leaders passes 100th branch milestone and welcomes 1,000th employee

Leaders has recently expanded and now boasts more than 100 branches.... more

Importance of liability insurance emphasised to landlords

Landlords must be wary of their liability for repairs and maintenance work.... more

How can an open house help you sell your home?

Open houses are one of the most effective ways to sell a property.... more

Landlords, how can you maximise your buy-to-let profits?

There are several expenses landlords can claim back against the taxman.... more

Tenant demand hits all-time high as number of renters grows

The amount of people searching for rental properties is on the rise.... more

What should you consider when instructing a letting agent?

Landlords should consider several factors before picking a letting agent.... more

Help to Buy: How can it help you get on the property ladder?

Help to Buy has been effective in getting many people on the property ladder.... more

New interactive checklist designed to keep landlords and tenants on track

A new checklist has been designed to ensure landlords and tenants meet their duties.... more

How to beat the burglars during holiday season

Putting off burglars should be a priority before heading on holiday this summer.... more

Increasing mortgage availability boosts prospects of new landlords

New landlords have an increasing number of buy-to-let mortgages available to them.... more

Leaders passes 100 branch milestone with acquisition of Aston Mead in Surrey and Berkshire

Leaders now has more than 100 branches following an acquisition.... more

Perry Bishop & Leaders team cycle 50 miles for James Hopkins Trust

Our Cirencester team is cycling in support of the James Hopkins Trust.... more

First-time buyers ‘want houses, not flats’

Houses, rather than flats, are the number one choice for first-time buyers.... more

Thriving market makes letting in Faringdon a lucrative option

A booming market in Oxfordshire is good news for prospective landlords.... more

Leaders Waterlooville ranked fastest-selling estate agent

Leaders' Waterlooville branch has been named as a top performer.... more

How much can you borrow to purchase an investment property?

Working out how much you can spend on an investment property is crucial.... more

Top tips for landlords: How to sell your property

Selling a property can be simple for those who follow our top tips.... more

Buy-to-let - the most popular investment platform?

Buy-to-let has become one of the most popular types of investment.... more

Leaders completes its largest acquisition with 7 branch deal in Derbyshire

Leaders has expanded its number of branches across the country to 99.... more

Cambridge ‘the best place in the UK to live and work’

Cambridge has many things going for it as a place to live and work.... more

What does the future hold for the private rented sector?

The private rented sector is predicted to expand over the coming months.... more

Top five tips to help you sell your home

Selling your home could be easier if you follow these five tips.... more

Properties in seaside towns "worth £50,000 more than in 2005"

Homeowners in seaside towns have benefited from capital appreciation.... more

House prices ‘almost at pre-recession peak’

The property market is almost back to pre-recession levels.... more

Why summer is the perfect time to let your family home

Family homes are in incredibly high demand during the summer months.... more

Manchester is the UK’s top buy-to-let hotspot

Manchester has been named as a key destination in the buy-to-let market.... more

JSM Property launches as Leaders at Suffolk Show

Leaders attended the recent Suffolk Show and was delighted with the response.... more

Exciting job opportunities for those who believe in great customer service

A number of rewarding careers are available at Leaders in Surrey, Kent and London.... more

Becoming a ‘grandlord’: Top 5 benefits of investing a pension in property

Older people have a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of pension changes.... more

Legislative changes to have major impact on how landlords deal with requests for repairs

Landlords will soon have to deal with requests for repairs in a different way.... more

How will the election result affect your buy-to-let?

The election result was "mostly good news" for landlords, according to MAB. ... more

Reviewing your financing could save you thousands

Landlords should always analyse the value of their current mortgage deal.... more

Estate agents raises £22,000 for Together for Short Lives during Children’s Hospice Week

Leaders' charity week was a huge success, raising £22,000 in total.... more

Newly elected government should make regulation of letting agents a priority

Leaders has reiterated its desire to see letting agents formally regulated.... more

Which properties are most popular with landlords?

Semi-detached houses are experiencing a surge in demand from landlords.... more

Property professionals ask for public's support as they run, row, bake and dress up for Children’s Hospice Week

Leaders is taking an active role in this year's Children's Hospice Week.... more

Leaders expands to Nottinghamshire with two new branches

Leaders has continued to expand by acquiring branches in Nottingham and Mansfield.... more

Buy-to-let investors, what should you look for in an area?

Picking the right property is key to a successful buy-to-let project.... more

Landlords must tackle threat of carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is an important matter for landlords.... more

Spring clean your legal and financial affairs

Having a spring clean of your legal and financial papers is a positive step. ... more

What attracts sellers to traditional estate agents over online rivals?

Traditional estate agents are able to offer more than their online counterparts.... more

Pensions reform 2015: What can you do?

Significant changes have been made to the pensions industry recently.... more

10 point checklist for new landlords

We take you through all the rules and regulations of letting... more

Free valuations: Five key questions to ask the agent

How can you be sure an agent is the right one to sell your house?... more

Where is the perfect commuter home?

Commuting can help people to buy a great house at a price they can afford.... more

Career opportunities abound as property firm expands in Surrey, London and Kent

A special recruitment event is designed to put candidates on the right path.... more

Do you know how much your home is worth?

Selling a property in East Grinstead makes sense for a number of reasons.... more

How much has your house gone up in value?

House price rises are great news for homeowners in the UK.... more

Landlords enjoy lowest void periods since 2002

Void periods are at their lowest point since 2002.... more

One in three Brits ‘disappointed’ with their home

A number of people are disappointed with the home they currently own.... more

Golden opportunity awaits landlords in north Hampshire

There are many reasons to become a landlord in north Hampshire right now.... more

Is your rural property worth more than you think?

Properties in rural locations have become more highly sought-after in recent times.... more

Cleaning ‘the number one cause of landlord v tenant disputes’

Cleaning causes the highest number of disputes between landlords and tenants.... more

The most reassuring way for pensioners to invest is a strong performing buy-to-let

Pensioners can take advantage of regulation changes to invest in property.... more

Help to buy ISA good news for first-time buyers

A new help to buy ISA is one of the highlights of the latest Budget.... more

Introducing the rise of the ‘granlord’

Granlords are taking the property market by storm at the moment.... more

Kevin Shaw joins Leaders as Sales Director

Leaders is delighted to welcome Kevin Shaw as the new Sales Director.... more

Chichester ranked as one of the best places for bringing up a family

Chichester is one of the top places for families to set up home.... more

Number of private renters at highest point since 1960s

More people are renting a home than at any point in the last 50 years.... more

Seminar to help nurses find homes proves ‘huge success’

Leaders is working with nurses in Cambridge to help them find new homes.... more

Capital Gains Tax changes affect UK residential property

New Capital Gains Tax regulations will affect people living outside the UK.... more

10 changes needed to improve the private rental sector for all

The private rental sector could be improved if ten key changes are made.... more

Winchester sales market typical of UK boom

Property sales in the UK are rising at an impressive rate.... more

Quarter of tenants ‘expect to rent for life’

Many people in the UK enjoy renting as it offers flexibility and choice.... more

Capital appreciation worth £177bn to landlords

Landlords across the UK are benefiting from capital appreciation. ... more

Top five ways to make your house more sellable in winter

Making your home more attractive should be a priority in the winter.... more

How to avoid a dispute over mould

Mould can be a costly issue, so preventing it should be a priority.... more

Same city; a whole new world of property

Leaders has added five branches after acquiring Waterside Properties.... more

How can you choose the perfect estate agent?

Finding a great estate agent is important when selling a property.... more

South Croydon house prices ‘among fastest rising in UK’

Rising house prices have benefited people in many parts of the UK.... more

Brand new kit for Crookham Rovers Under 11 Devils

Leaders is committed to supporting the communities in which we are based.... more

Norwich properties selling quicker in 2015

Properties in Norwich are spending less time on the market before being sold.... more

Cambridge is one of UK’s top lettings hotspots

Cambridge has been named as one of the UK's top lettings markets.... more

How we can put your property in touch with buyers other agents cannot reach

Great marketing and local contacts make it easier for Leaders to sell properties.... more

Marketing your property where it matters

Leaders is committed to marketing properties in the most effective way.... more

Leaders predicts property market highs in 2015

Leaders predicts a bright 2015 for the sales and lettings markets.... more

Trusting your rental income…

There are several reasons for landlords to set up a Trust.... more

House prices ‘set to rise again in 2015’

Halifax believes house prices are set to rise by three to five per cent this year.... more

Leaders’ latest acquisition brings branch total to 90

Leaders has completed the acquisition of an additional five branches.... more

Unprotected landlords losing out at hands of under-resourced courts

Landlords are at risk of losing out during evictions as courts are so busy.... more

Booming sales and lettings markets anticipated in Rustington in 2015

Littlehampton and Rustington are set to enjoy a booming year in sales and lettings. ... more

What must you remember when buying a student house?

Investors should do their research before buying a student house.... more

One in three landlords experienced rent arrears in 2014

Rent arrears and rising interest rates are causing concern among landlords.... more

Where is the best place to live in the UK?

London, Oxford, Cambridge and Norwich are among the UK's best cities.... more

How to keep your neighbours happy in a student house

Students should do all they can to form good relationships with their neighbours.... more

Leaders expands Norwich team with JSM Property merger

A new and expanded team is now working for Leaders in Norwich.... more

Professional agents 'can avert major problems for tenants'

Tenants have been reminded of the importance of a professional agent.... more

Are you contributing to the part-time landlord boom?

A large number of part-time landlords are emerging in the UK market.... more

Top tips: Things to look for when house hunting

Turning every stone in the quest to find the perfect home is a must.... more

Changes to stamp duty - our thoughts

We welcome the changes to the stamp duty system announced by George Osborne in today’s Autumn Statement. ... more

Property specialist’s Christmas gift for Macmillan

Property specialist Leaders has raised more than £30,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support during 2014.... more

Jo White looks at the most tax-efficient way to own property

Property needs to be owned and managed carefully... more

Having the wrong home insurance can cost landlords thousands

Landlords could pay the penalty if they fail to secure adequate insurance.... more

Sellers - can you afford to miss the new year property boom?

The new year is a busy time for property searches on Rightmove.... more

Top five tips for buy-to-let success

Follow our guide if you want to make the most of a buy-to-let investment.... more

Great marketing makes all the difference to selling your property

Marketing is the key to selling a property quickly and at the right price.... more

Leaders’ expanded team moves to new office on the High Street

Leaders is going from strength to strength in Sevenoaks following an acquisition. ... more

How can you make your ugly property an attractive proposition?

There are many ways to enhance the appearance of an ugly property.... more

To sell or not to sell before Christmas?

Now is the time to get a property on the market in order to move by Christmas.... more

Jo White tiptoes through the property lettings tax minefield

Letting or selling a property can have major implications.... more

Leaders going from strength to strength in sales market

Leaders is proving to be a huge success since entering the sales market.... more

Leaders team takes on ‘1,000 miles for Macmillan’ challenge

Staff from Leaders' head office are running 1,000 miles for Macmillan.... more

Getting your rental property ready for winter

There are many steps to follow in order to get a property ready for winter.... more

Compulsory agent redress scheme does not go far enough

New redress regulations are welcomed, but may not go far enough.... more

Leaders brings specialist property service to Oxford

Leaders now has a presence in Oxford following an acquisition in the city.... more

Why do tenants dispute their deposits?

Leaders is proud of its extremely low dispute rate when it comes to deposits.... more

Admirals Quay development attracting investors and tenants

Investor landlords and tenants are snapping up Admirals Quay properties.... more

How to make a rented home feel like your own

Pictures, curtains and pot plants can be the key to great rental homes.... more

How can you keep your tenants happy?

Carrying out repairs and resisting huge rent rises are key to satisfying tenants.... more

New redress regulations to protect landlords and tenants

New regulations are introduced today that further protect landlords and tenants.... more

Expert advice for landlords at East Anglia Landlord Investment Show

Landlords are invited to a special investment show in Norwich later this month.... more

Draw your dream home for Leaders’ new office in Eastbourne

Leaders is inviting children in Eastbourne to use their artistic skills to win a prize.... more

What must you remember to ask your letting agent?

We take a look at five questions you must ask your letting agent.... more

Buy-to-let investors ‘driving mortgage market upturn’

More people are realising buy-to-let properties are an extremely lucrative investment.... more

Introducing our new Chief Operating Officer

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Clare Tobin as Chief Operating Officer.... more

Rent rather than buy your home, advises Kevin McCloud

TV presenter Kevin McCloud is a strong advocate of renting a home.... more

Advice for landlords at Hampshire Landlord Investment Show

Hampshire landlords have a wonderful opportunity to gain expert investment advice.... more

Weighing up the pros and cons of a fixer-upper vs ready-to-let

According to a recent survey by HSBC, a buy-to-let property in perfect condition will make a better investment than one requiring renovation... more

Q&A: AToM's Dale Jannels on buy-to-let mortgages

Dale Jannels, managing director at AToM, answers the most important buy-to-let questions.... more

Leaders ready for Macmillan's World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Leaders is hosting a range of coffee mornings - and much more - to support Macmillan.... more

Lucrative opportunity awaits owners of Brighton flats

Owners of small flats in Brighton can enjoy a great return in the lettings market.... more

Landlord’s plight a useful reminder of gas safety importance

Landlords have been warned that failing to meet gas safety standards is a risk.... more

Tax aspects of joint ownership

The tax implications of letting a property can be significant, so do your homework.... more

Which is the perfect home town for your young family?

The best towns in the UK for family living have been announced. ... more

Leaders' new website is invaluable property resource

Leaders is delighted to present its brand new website offering enhanced functionality.... more

Leaders expands to Oxford with latest acquisition

A new acquistion in Oxford - our first in the city - takes us up to 85 branches nationwide.... more

Brand new look - same experienced team

There’s a new look in property in Kingston which has been catching the eye of locals recently. ... more

Five top tips: How to improve a rental property

Improving a property can help landlords to enjoy a greater return.... more

Below average earners building property portfolios

A second property is not necessarily out of reach for many people.... more

Quality properties 'are key to success in letting'

Quality properties are a crucial factor in a successful lettings market.... more

Buy-to-Let is a safe and successful investment

Many people with capital are finding the best place to put their money is property.... more

Taking the risks out of letting for landlords

Strong rents and high demand have made letting residential property an attractive investment.... more

Admirals Quay development proving popular

Luxury apartments in the spectacular new Admirals Quay development are now available.... more