Cleaning ‘the number one cause of landlord v tenant disputes’

Fri 20 Mar 2015

Cleaning the windows

Have you ever wondered what single issue is most likely to damage the relationship between landlords and tenants?

Well, according to new research, the answer is cleaning. Or to be more precise, an alleged lack of it.

Some 500 landlords were questioned by My Property Inventories and 80 per cent said they felt their tenants had been lazy and failed to clean up after themselves, potentially leaving them with a professional cleaning bill and the need to take money from a tenant’s deposit to pay for this.

Of course, the cleanliness of a property is not the only issue that can arise and result in a dispute between a landlord and a tenant.

Half of all landlords also said they felt their tenants expected too much of them, while 65 per cent are frustrated by the fact their tenants do not communicate with them often enough by email and telephone.

But there is no matter that irritates landlords as much as a lack of cleaning, which can leave a property looking dirty and possibly carrying a hygiene risk.

Such findings emphasise the importance of conducting a thorough inventory and compiling an accurate report that is fair to both the landlord and the tenant.

At Leaders, we take a professional approach to inventories and our experienced and knowledgeable property experts will prepare a record that will ensure all parties are able to meet their responsibilities and achieve their goals throughout the duration of a tenancy.

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