Dedicated online hub for property investors launched

Tue 26 Jul 2016

One of the UK’s largest dedicated online resources for property investors has been launched by estate agents Leaders.

The new one-stop platform for the buy-to-let market, which will be known as Property Investment Hub, will feature a vast selection of properties from across the UK that have been identified as suitable for buying to let.

It is designed to help both landlords who are looking to sell a tenanted property and those who are thinking about starting or expanding a portfolio. Every house or flat added to the Property Investment Hub will offer outstanding investment potential and a yield of at least four per cent.

Allison Thompson, managing director at Leaders, says: “The buy-to-let market remains extremely attractive to investors, offering more stability than stocks and shares and greater returns than savings accounts.

“Our new Property Investment Hub makes it easy for investors to browse potential investment properties from across the UK in one place, comparing asking prices, prospective rental prices and anticipated yields.

“It is supported by a team of in-house experts who are on hand to offer local market knowledge and guidance on all the most important decisions associated with buying to let. Buying to let can be daunting for both new and experienced investors, so having our trusted professionals to rely on can make a huge difference.

“In the case of properties we have previously managed, we will also be able to provide investors with a detailed rental and maintenance history, giving them even greater insight into the property they are buying and the return they are likely to enjoy.”

Property Investment Hub is entirely free to access and anybody can benefit from the extensive buy-to-let expertise on offer.

Allison adds: “Success in the buy-to-let market depends on knowing where and what to buy. It also relies on maximising your return when selling a property, which is why Property Investment Hub is also easy for sellers to use.

“Property Investment Hub will showcase tenanted and vacant properties to thousands of fellow investors, improving a landlord’s chance of benefiting from a quick and smooth sale.”

As part of its launch Leaders will be giving away a luxury gift hamper to the first five investors to purchase a property through Property Investment Hub.

For more information and to view available investment properties visit