Five reasons to love your estate agent this Valentine’s

Thu 11 Feb 2016

If you’re selling your home this month romance may be the last thing on your mind as you face the stresses and strains that can come with selling a property.

But in order to turn what can sometimes be a challenging experience into a positive one, the most important relationship you develop this Valentine’s could actually be with the estate agent you instruct.

Kevin Shaw, national sales director at property specialist Leaders, says: “A good relationship with your estate agent is key to making the process of selling your home easier and more enjoyable. Choosing an agent you trust and with whom you enjoy a good rapport will make what can be a stressful time a lot happier and easier to get through.

“Everyone loves to hate estate agents until they experience what a good one actually does for them. There are certain qualities most of us would undoubtedly want in our ideal partner which you may be surprised to learn you should also look for in an estate agent. If you want a smooth, stress-free experience when selling your home you shouldn’t settle for anything less.”

1) Trust: You need to trust your estate agent to find you the right buyer and get you the best price for your home within the time frame that you need to sell in. Not only should they be an expert in the local property market, they should also understand what’s important to you and be dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

2) Communication: As with any great relationship, effective communication is key. Your estate agent will be the pivotal figure in keeping you informed about how the sale of your property is progressing, so you need them to be direct, honest and reliable when it comes to communicating with you and everyone else involved.

3) Commitment: Although selecting an agent is not a lifelong commitment, similar principles apply. You are going to be in it together until the end - which in this case is completion. So only work with an agent who can demonstrate their commitment to working on your behalf until the sale is finalised.

4) Putting you first: Your estate agent should always work with your priorities and goals in mind. This means negotiating to get you the best deal and protecting your interests at all times to ensure you get the best results.

5) Holding your hand: Selling your home can be an emotional and unpredictable process. Your agent should be there to guide you through every step and provide as much support as you need. Whether you prefer to meet them regularly face-to-face or pick up the phone when you have questions, you need to know they will be there to support you throughout.

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