Home buyers make up their minds "in five minutes"

Mon 04 Jul 2016

The importance of setting the right first impression when selling your home has been emphasised by new findings that suggest prospective buyers make their minds up within just five minutes of setting eyes on it for the first time.

A study by developer Harron Homes reveals 43.1 per cent of people know if a property is right for them in the first 300 seconds of a viewing.

Keeping a prospective buyer interested and impressed as soon as they walk through the front door is clearly a must if you are to avoid losing them altogether.

Instructing a quality estate agents should be another priority, with 46.2 per cent of the 1,000 buyers surveyed indicating they are turned off if there is not a floor plan available online, while the biggest problem was identified as a lack of photos or only low-quality images.

Indeed, 43.2 per cent of respondents said they expect photos of every room when browsing properties online.

So what should you avoid in your home to ensure it appeals to viewers?

More than a fifth of people said old-fashioned exterior walls - including pebbledash - are a stumbling block, over 50 per cent suggested the smell of damp is the most off-putting factor inside a home and a similar number are unimpressed by the smell of pets.

It is also worth avoiding outdated features such as artex ceilings, unnecessary noise and a lack of storage. Adding practical storage areas to your home could be a shrewd step to take prior to selling.

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