How can you make your ugly property an attractive proposition?

Wed 05 Nov 2014

Garden in front of house

Not every property can be a listed building, an idyllic rural retreat, a modern city centre apartment or a super-stylish townhouse. It is inevitable that every town across the country boasts its fair share of homes that are unlikely to fare well in any beauty contests.

From dated design to unsightly features and unfortunate surroundings, there are plenty of aspects that can turn even the most pleasant properties into something not entirely easy on the eye.

However, you should never be concerned by the prospect of an ugly property, whether you are looking to let or sell one, as there are many ways to improve its appearance. And when you are buying or renting a place to live, you might just find others are put off by a lack of aesthetic quality, leaving you with less competition in your way to secure it and the chance of picking up a bargain.

We have identified five surefire ways to make your property more beautiful and to hide some of the most common blemishes on it.

1) Focus on the garden

Even if your building itself leaves something to be desired, there is no reason why you cannot create a garden that ticks all the right boxes. Plant tall trees and shrubs to ensure a green backdrop is formed. You can then consider how you will maximise enjoyment of the space, whether this is through paved areas, lawns or a play zone.

2) Build a stylish front porch

If visitors would usually find their attention captured by an unwanted feature of your property, start to win them over by making their first step indoors a pleasant one. A new porch can create extra space and a new storage area, while acting as a warm and comfortable welcome to a home.

3) Invest in soft furnishings

The exterior of a house might be ugly, but that is not to say you should give up on the interiors. By splashing out on new curtains, cushions, rugs and other soft furnishings you can form a beautiful and fashionable home that will help viewers to look past any external shortcomings.

4) Distract people

Rather than allowing any weaknesses of your property to remain glaringly obvious, you should work towards covering them or diverting attention away from them. For example, why not place a traditional, intricate bird bath in the garden to act as a focal point? Or you could invest in a water feature to create a similar impact.

5) Use savings to fund improvements

When you bought your property, the fact it was below-par in terms of appearance means you might have been able to strike a deal at a lower price than would have been required if the home was more beautiful. Now is the time to put the money you saved to good use. So if you have a large tree blighting the view, pay for a specialist to remove it. Alternatively, if there is a drain or pylon in the way, look at ways to work around them. And if your property is simply tired and dated, consider a full refurbishment.

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