How to beat the burglars during holiday season

Wed 08 Jul 2015

Burglar shining a torch into a property

Summer holiday season is upon us, and if you are one of the thousands of Brits who will be jetting off for sunnier climes in the next couple of months you should be thinking about how to protect your property in your absence.

It is no secret that some burglars look to target homes when they are left empty while their occupants are out of the country.

So what can you do to disguise the fact you are away and put them off.

Cancel deliveries

Stacks of newspapers in the entrance and bottles of milk left on the doorstep make it obvious nobody is home, so make sure you cancel all regular deliveries before you leave.

Don’t publicise your trip on Facebook

There’s nothing wrong with being excited about your upcoming adventure and wanting to tell all your friends about it, but remember your Facebook updates can be seen by a huge number of people, some of whom you may not be on such close terms with. Don’t invite them to pay a visit to your property by revealing exactly when you will be away.

Use lighting on a timer

There is no better way to give the impression that somebody is inside your property than timed lighting. Set your lamps and lights with a timer to switch themselves on and off at certain intervals.

Clear valuables from view

There is always the chance a thief might walk past your property and take a look inside, so remove any temptation by clearing your valuables from view while you are away. Don’t allow your jewellery, gadgets or keys to catch their eye.

Remember outdoor belongings

It’s possible to focus on making your home so secure that you neglect the garden and other outdoor areas. Make sure garden equipment, bikes, barbecues and other expensive belongings are locked up in a shed or taken inside during your holiday.