How to make your home stand out to buyers this spring

Fri 23 Mar 2018

Thousands of people will put their property on the market this spring, but how can you ensure yours stands out from the crowd?

Warmer weather typically tempts people into selling, safe in the knowledge they can show off their home at its best and are likely to benefit from a seasonal spike in the number of buyers. However, with more competition expected this spring, ensuring a house or flat captures the attention of viewers is a must.

Kevin Shaw, national sales director at property specialist Leaders, says: “With a high number of properties coming on to the market at this time of the year, buyers typically enjoy a spike in choice and can afford to cast their net a little wider.

“As such, it is crucial for sellers to ensure they show off the best of their home, allowing it to catch the eye of eager buyers and attract great offers. Those people who don’t make an extra effort to draw attention to the finer points of a property could lose out to other sellers at this busy time.”

Kevin has offered five top tips designed to help you show off your home this spring:

1) First impressions are crucial

Many of the people who view your home will form a judgement within minutes. This means you need to set the right first impression. The front view – including garden, front door and external walls – should be attractive. If there are any jobs such as fixing the fence or painting an unsightly wall that need doing, find the time to complete them.

2) Deal with whatever the weather throws at you

The weather can be anything from bright sunshine to dark clouds and rain in spring, so it’s important to prepare your home accordingly. If it’s dark, put the lights on. If it’s cold, put the heating on. You don’t want viewers to be put off because your home doesn’t fit the conditions on viewing day.

3) Make the most of your garden

Providing your property has a garden, it’s crucial you show it off. A garden can make the difference in selling and is as important as any room. Make an effort to ensure it is looking great and the first bursts of colour are beginning to show.

4) Spring cleaning can pay off

It goes without saying that spring is the ideal time for a spring clean. It can also make your home more appealing than ever to buyers. So pick up the polish and don the duster in order to spruce up your living spaces.

5) Gleaming windows are a must

Your windows will have taken the brunt of the bad weather throughout winter with rain, snow and sleet leaving them looking grubby. In addition, coastal properties will also suffer from the effects of sea salt. So don’t forget to clean the windows for a fresh spring look.

Kevin adds: “These may sound like relatively simple steps, but they can make a huge difference when it comes to selling a property. Sellers should think about how their home looks to others and carry out some quick fixes before putting it on the market.”

For more information on how to sell a property at a great price please contact your local Leaders team.