Ideal Home Show 2019 – Smart home living

Sat 06 Apr 2019

Exploring smart home living.


At the Ideal Home Show 2019, we had the great pleasure of exploring an ultra-modern show home showcasing the best of home automation.

Kitchen automation
We started off in the kitchen where we were shown the Samsung Smart Fridge. This next gen fridge features a visual display on the front, which can serve as a notice board, a calendar and cooking apps for all the family to enjoy. The Smart Fridge, also through an app, will show the ingredients and when they are due to expire.

Living room automation
We took a walk round the living room where we thought we were looking at art but instead we were presented with the Samsung Frame TV – which looks like framed art in standby mode. In the background, a BOSE speaker provided the atmospheric soundscape and it is easily controlled by Alexa.

Bedroom automation
The next room was the master bedroom where we saw a temperature controlled bed. To control lighting, and create the ideal ambience, Philips Hue was used to give the bedroom a dreamy moonlight glow.

In the en suite, the shower was set to the exact temperature required. There was also a sensor mirror which can work with an application to encourage children to brush their teeth. A cartoonish ogre will stimulate and entertain them, proving that home automation can also be used to educate.

Annexe automation
The granny annexe was equipped with Alcove sensors, which detects if a family member was to have a fall and send an alert to your smartphone. This assistive technology is proving to be revolutionary in helping people to maintain contact.

The smart home potential
Smart technology appeared to give every room a boost, whether it was a greater sense of control, superior levels of communication, safety or an educational purpose. It’s easy to see the scope and potential and it will be exciting to see the impact on lifestyles in the coming years.

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