New online hub enables investors to access hundreds of BTL properties with "outstanding potential"

Fri 12 Aug 2016

A new dedicated online space for investors to buy, sell and compare available buy-to-let properties has been launched by Leaders. It provides access to one of the UK’s largest portfolios of buy-to-let properties, each of which has been identified as having outstanding investment potential.

As the buy-to-let market continues to outperform other investment options such as stocks and shares, as well as regular savings accounts, more investors are likely to turn to it in pursuit of achieving the best possible return.

Allison Thompson, managing director at Leaders, says: “Extracting maximum value from a buy-to-let property at all times is crucial in achieving the best return, but perhaps the greatest gains can be made when buying and selling.

“Property Investment Hub enables investors to easily search and compare a huge range of buy-to-let properties from across the country.

“Every house or apartment featured has been assessed and valued by one of our local experts and is predicted to deliver either a very a good rental yield, strong capital growth or a combination of the two. Most provide a rental yield of at least four per cent, but some with slightly lower yields have been included where capital growth potential is exceptionally good.

“All properties are in areas where rental demand is consistently high and predicted to remain high. Many of them are currently let and managed by Leaders and come with a detailed rental history and a reliable tenant in situ so investors can buy with extreme confidence.

“Property Investment Hub will revolutionise the way buy-to-let investors buy and sell properties, helping them to maximise their opportunities and returns from the start of an investment and all the way through.”

Key benefits of using Property Investment Hub:

• Access to a hundreds of hand-picked properties with outstanding investment potential

• Easily identify and compare investment opportunities in one place based on asking prices, likely rents, predicted yields and any relevant maintenance or service charges

• Full maintenance history, records of rental returns and details of any existing tenancy for all properties that have been managed by Leaders

• Many properties are available to buy with a reliable tenant in situ so investors can start receiving rent from the day of completion

• Impartial advice from local experts available for each and every property – from local market insight to how the properties are likely to meet your specific requirements as an investor

• Ongoing support from Leaders, including local market insight and updates on landlord law and tax changes

• Achieve the best price for your investment when you decide to sell by reaching thousands of fellow investors looking for their next opportunity

• Access to the hub and expert advice is entirely free of charge

As part of its launch Leaders will be giving away a luxury gift hamper to the first five investors to purchase a property through Property Investment Hub.

Visit Property Investment Hub today to start planning your next move in the buy-to-let market.