Selling this spring? Make sure your property stands out from the competition

Fri 17 Mar 2017

Spring is a popular time to sell a property as the warmer weather encourages many buyers to begin their search for a new home - but this also results in more competition among sellers and a greater need to stand out from the crowd.

Kevin Shaw, national sales director at property specialist Leaders, says: “With a high number of properties coming on to the market at this time of the year, buyers typically enjoy a spike in choice and can afford to cast their net a little wider.

“As such, it is crucial for sellers to ensure they show off the best of their home, allowing it to catch the eye of eager buyers and attract great offers. Those people who don’t make an extra effort to draw attention to the finer points of a property could lose out to other sellers at this busy time.”

Kevin has revealed five top tips that will help sellers to ensure their home stands out this spring:

1) First impressions count

Many buyers make up their minds within a minute of setting eyes on a property for the first time, so first impressions are vital. Take a look outside your home and view it from a stranger’s perspective. Tackle any small jobs that could make a big difference to the property’s appearance – such as painting the front door, mowing the lawn and fixing the fence. Hanging baskets or some pots filled with spring flowers are a nice touch at this time of year.

2) Get the temperature and lighting right

Spring is often known for changeable weather. One day can be dull and rainy, while another could be gloriously sunny. So if it’s a bit dark and chilly, turn up the thermostat and switch all the lights on. If it’s warm and bright open the blinds and windows. Viewers will be put off if your property seems dark and gloomy or extremely hot or cold.

3) Show off the garden

If you have a garden, you should consider it as important as any room. Not only should it fit the style of the rest of your home, it is perhaps the easiest place to introduce the vibrant colours most associated with spring. So if it’s currently looking a little drab, make sure you purchase plants in bold yellows, pinks and purples and remove any overgrown vegetation or tree branches.

4) Time for a spring clean

The clue is in the name. Now is the perfect time for a spring clean. A comprehensive clean and de-clutter of a property can have a tremendously positive impact on potential buyers. Go a little further than normal by steaming carpets and cleaning the oven.

5) Wash the windows

Windows have taken a battering over the winter. Rain, snow and sleet can leave any glass surface looking untidy, while those in coastal areas may also be dealing with salty breezes that leave unsightly marks. Your first step in spring should be to return windows to their gleaming, sparkling best.

Kevin adds: “These may sound like relatively simple steps, but they can make a huge difference when it comes to selling a property. Sellers should think about how their home looks to others and carry out some quick fixes before putting it on the market.”

For more information on how to sell a property at a great price please contact your local Leaders team.