Seminar to help nurses find homes proves ‘huge success’

Mon 02 Mar 2015

A seminar on Friday 27th February offering advice and guidance on finding accommodation in Cambridge proved popular with nursing staff at Addenbrooke’s.

Hosted by property specialist Leaders, the seminar offered nursing staff the opportunity to speak to experts about all aspects of renting in the city.

Nurses were advised on the price and availability of accommodation, how the process of finding and securing a rental property works and what they should do to ensure their rights as a tenant are protected and their deposit held safely.

Leaders Cambridge branch manager, Sarah Cox, who delivered a presentation to more than 80 nursing staff in attendance, said: “Having to find accommodation when you start a new job can be difficult and stressful, especially if you’re coming from another country. Renting is a good option but there is a lot that people need to be aware of. During the seminar we were able to explain the letting of property from start to finish, as well as providing useful information about living in Cambridge, including bus routes, local amenities and general information about the city.

“We are delighted to be Addenbrooke’s chosen partner in assisting their staff in finding suitable accommodation in and around Cambridge. We have many good quality rental properties available but there is always a need for more. Last month, the trust employed more than 100 nurses from around the world, many of whom required rental accommodation.

“Anyone who has a property to let, or is considering buying a property to let, will find a steady demand for rented accommodation, not only from hospital staff, but also from students, professionals and families. Having specialised in property in Cambridge for more than 20 years, we know what an excellent investment letting is and are happy to provide expert, impartial advice on making the most of the busy rental market here.”

Ben Scratcher, Addenbrooke’s accommodation manager, said: “Today’s event was a huge success. Our Nursing staff took the opportunity to engage with Leader’s comprehensive property letting service. Their advice and guidance is a real benefit to Addenbrooke’s staff who, I’ve no doubt, will find great places to live in Cambridge. Leaders have proved to be a fantastic partner who understand how our Trust values of working together, being safe, kind and excellent are at the heartbeat of everything we do at Addenbrooke’s.”

For advice you can trust on all aspects of renting, letting, buying or selling in Cambridge please contact Leaders on 01223 500387.