Top five ways to make your house more sellable in winter

Fri 13 Feb 2015


There is no getting away from the fact that winter is not the time of the year in which it is easiest to show off the beauty of your property.

In fact, heavy rain, grey skies and high winds can make it difficult to offer a warm and inviting welcome to prospective buyers.

With this in mind, we have put together five top tips for you to follow if you want to find your perfect buyer this winter. Follow these and we are sure you will stand a better chance of selling your property as soon as possible.

1) First impressions count

Bad weather will have the greatest impact on the outside of your home, which is the area that typically sets the all-important first impression to viewers.

Whether you are suffering from dull and dirty paths, drab exterior paint or even a case of having too many leaves on the ground, make the effort to spruce things up before putting a property up for sale.

2) Warmth

At this bitterly cold time, it is important you are able to show your property is a haven of warmth and comfort. Viewers are unlikely to consider a cold property for too long, and smell is also important as nobody will want a home that seems to be damp or without fresh air.

3) Sub-zero temperatures

Freezing temperatures can cause several problems around the home, including frozen pipes. Such issues are not a selling point so must be prevented or repaired as quickly as possible; in the case of frozen pipes, by gently warming them with a hot water bottle or hairdryer.

4) Protect flooring

An unfortunate consequence of bad weather outdoors is that rain, mud, snow and more is often brought indoors on the soles of shoes. This will not look good in the eyes of potential buyers, so take steps to prevent dirt being trodden into your carpets and wood flooring by putting down mats and encouraging people to take their shoes off before they step through the door.

5) Tend to foliage

It can be tempting to allow your garden to become overgrown during the winter, when the thought of getting outdoors and tending to it does not appeal. But if you want to impress buyers you need to make sure pathways are clear, shrubs are tidy and there is as much colour as possible on show.