News & Views in Letting

How to ensure your tenants aren't subletting over the festive period

Take note of these red flags, if you suspect your tenants could be subletting.... more

How landlords can prepare for tax turning digital

If you’re a landlord with rental income (income, not profit) greater than £10,000 per annum, then it’s important you know about the fundamental changes the government is rolling out to the current tax system. ... more

Why having an up-to-date EPC is more important than ever

For just over a year, it has been against the law to let a property which breaches the minimum EPC rating requirement, which is ‘E’ on an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), unless the landlord has a suitable exemption (such as the cost of making even the cheapest recommended improvement would exceed £3,500 incl. VAT).... more

How will landlords be affected by Boris Johnson's approach as Prime Minister?

Find out how landlords might be impacted by the new Prime Minister and what they need to be aware of over the next few months.... more

Five things all landlords should consider in today's buy-to-let market

With some first-hand experience from one of Leaders’ multi-landlords, here’s five top things to keep in mind in the current buy-to-let market.... more

Why Section 21 changes may not adversely affect landlords’ ability to gain possession

With the government’s announcement in April 2019 that they were ‘ending no-fault evictions’, landlords might have been concerned that evicting a tenant from their property had suddenly become more difficult.... more

Best practice guide: the top 5 things all landlords should be doing in the current buy-to-let market

With some first-hand experience from one of Leaders’ multi-landlords, here’s five top things to keep in mind in the current buy-to-let market.... more

No Deposit Option – we answer tenants’ frequently asked questions

We answer the most frequently asked questions about the No Deposit Option and the Residency for tenants.... more

Is the tenant deposit cap worrying you? Receive 40% more financial security with Leaders!

Landlords, enjoy greater peace of mind with two weeks extra indemnity.... more

Looking to buy a property with the tenants in situ?

We look at the pros and cons of buying a property with a tenant in situ - read our full guide.... more

Japanese knotweed: what landlords need to know

All you need to know about Japanese knotweed and how you can protect your property.... more

Introducing the Residency, our tenancy membership

Welcome to the Residency – we make tenancy matters a breeze while saving you money, protecting you and helping you plan for your future.... more

Landlords, what expenses can you claim for your property?

Maximise your income with these handy tips.... more

Right to Rent is still imperative for landlords in 2019

Right to Rent has recently sparked off a furious debate in the news. For instance, Judge Justin Spencer has ruled that Right to Rent breaches human rights laws.... more

Top tips for keeping your tenants happy

The ultimate dream for many landlords is to have reliable and long-term tenants, who keep to their rent dates and stay on top of basic property maintenance matters.... more

The Fitness for Human Habitation Act has now come into force - discover how Leaders helps you stay on top of the latest lettings legislation

With already a number of strict rules in place, landlords will soon be subject to a new legislation aiming to boost the standard of rented homes for the health, safety and welfare of tenants. Learn how you may be affected by The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act from 20th March 2019.... more

Leaders’ top tips for first-time or accidental landlords

If you are considering becoming a landlord for the first time, read our helpful tips to get you on your way to your first lettings experience.... more

How to maximise your rental income

You may have been a landlord for decades, or are perhaps a new to letting property. Either way, while it’s great to receive rental income each month, it can sometimes feel that you’re constantly eating away at your profits through the expense of letting your property. ... more

What to do with your home when you travel

An increasingly popular trend is for people to take a gap year later in life. Since many will be homeowners, it’s sensible to consider what to do with your home while you’re away.... more

How will Brexit affect the rental market?

Learn how buy-to-let investors may be impacted by the fast-approaching Brexit decision.... more

Top features to look out for when buying your next buy-to-let property

Discover the top investable features when you are a buy-to-let landlord.... more

Top reasons to invest in rental property right now

Discover the top considerations if you're thinking about investing in rental property and why now is a good time to invest.... more

No deposit? No problem! ...but what are the benefits?

Following in the footsteps of the government, we want to ease the financial burden placed on tenants by launching our No Deposit Option. ... more

New Year's resolutions all landlords can make

Get ready for your year ahead as a landlord and stay up to date with tax affairs, new lettings regulations, gas safety and property efficiency.... more

No deposit? No problem! How can a landlord benefit from this scheme?

It’s not just tenants who are benefiting from no deposit, our landlords have also been reaping the benefits of this revolutionary scheme – with higher tenant demand, reduced void periods and additional protection just three of its great number of perks.... more

Autumn budget: the landlord's guide

Take a look at how the Autumn Budget may create changes for landlords across the UK, particularly in light of ongoing 'Brexit' negotiations and adjustments to income tax, personal allowance and higher rate thresholds.... more

Best ways to help your tenants increase their energy efficiency

Ensuring your rental property is efficient can be as simple as providing thick curtains and fitting double glazing...... more

5 things tenants are looking for when choosing their next rental property

Our 5 most frequent tenant requests include an easy-to-maintain garden and suitable storage space...... more

What paperwork do I need to keep? Is it worth buying a property as a limited company?

Keeping records is an essential part of running any business so it is important to file any relevant paperwork relating to your property carefully for when it is needed. ... more

Key taxes landlords need to pay during the year

Paying tax is one of the many outgoings which most landlords need to budget for, so taking advice on this topic from a property tax specialist can not only be invaluable, but also save you money. ... more

Why now is the right time to test your heating system

The sun is shining (at the time of writing at least) and you’ve probably thrown open your windows to keep your home cool. The last thing on your mind is likely to be your central heating. But in actual fact, the warm weather we’ve experienced recently makes heating a hot topic for landlords.... more

Why you should consider investing in your local school's catchment area

To help build your property portfolio, Leaders is giving you the insight into why you should invest in a property near a local school catchment area.... more

How to maximise the rental value of your property

To help get the most out of your rental portfolio, Leaders is advising on how you can maximise the rental value of your property.... more

Top reasons to consider investing in student property this year

To help build your property portfolio, Leaders is giving you the insight into why now is the best time to invest in a student property.... more

Buy-to-let legislation - what's changed so far in 2018?

To help you keep on top of all rental legislations, Leaders is giving you an overview of the latest changes in 2018.... more

Are changes coming to gas and electrical safety regulations?

There are strict rules for landlords when it comes to gas and electrical safety – and they could change again soon, as a government consultation on stricter electrical safety legislation has recently closed.... more

Why now is a good time to check your heating

Summer is the perfect time to carry out any checks and maintenance to the heating system as it means the occupants won’t be inconvenienced too much if it is out of action. ... more

What hidden jobs do we take care of when managing a property for you?

There's a lot going on behind the scenes when managing a rented property. ... more

How can landlords protect their properties during the summer season?

As well as warmer, sunnier days, summer brings a few possibilities that all landlords should be prepared for.... more

How to avoid becoming an accidental rogue landlord

With ever-changing letting legislation and landlord fines on the increase, how can you make sure you don't accidentally break the law?... more

A guide to cash basis for landlords

A guide to cash basis for landlords.... more

Key changes to HMOs set to be introduced in October 2018

The rules governing HMOs are set to change.... more

UK landlords expect great results in 2018

Landlords across the UK are feeling confident about the future of the rental market.... more

Get organised and cut costs ahead of the new tax year

The new tax year is almost here so getting your finances in shape is a wise move.... more

Energy standards deadline looms for landlords, but how far might green regulations go?

New energy efficiency rules will apply to the rental sector from 1st April. ... more

Why buying a property with a tenant in situ is the smart choice

Properties with tenants in situ are becoming more popular with landlords.... more