Unprotected landlords losing out at hands of under-resourced courts

Fri 09 Jan 2015

Judges gavel

The number of property possession claims being put forward by landlords is putting unrelenting pressure on county courts across the UK.

New findings by Landlord Action show many people who let out a property are facing costly delays when it comes to evicting tenants as courts simply cannot work through eviction orders quickly enough.

Indeed, in the final three months of last year, the problem became so great that the organisation was forced to deploy a member of staff to chase up such cases on a full-time basis.

A combination of government spending cuts and an increasing number of possession cases – with the 2014 total said by Landlord Action to be 15 per cent up on 2013 – have combined to create significant delays in evictions. What’s more, some courts are now insistent that bailiffs must work in pairs rather than alone, slowing the process further.

Julie Herbert, head of legal at Landlord Action, said: “By the courts’ own admission, cases are getting overlooked, administrative errors are being made and there are simply not enough bailiffs to support the number of cases, leading to long delays.”

The result is that many landlords who are seeking to evict a tenant are incurring losses totalling thousands of pounds in unpaid rent as their cases drags on, while this process also means some sustain increased legal costs.

In certain circumstances, landlords find it difficult to pay their mortgage as they miss out on rent during the eviction process, which can lead to the property facing possible repossession.

However, Leaders is proud to offer a scheme that is designed to protect landlords in the event of a tenant failing to pay rent, vacating a property without adhering to the terms of the tenancy agreement or breaking the terms of the tenancy agreement in a way that demands legal redress.

Landlords who subscribe to the Premier Service and Rent Guarantee will, subject to certain conditions, be compensated for unpaid rent, legal costs or alternative accommodation should any of these events occur.

You can contact your local Leaders branch here or click here for more information on Premier Service and Rent Guarantee.