What’s really happening in the property market?

Wed 17 Apr 2019

At Leaders we are constantly amazed at how much daily and weekly coverage the media give to property prices and rents. What’s even more surprising to us is the variety of opinions about what’s happening in the market. We sometimes read reports suggesting prices or rents are rising one week, falling the next or even failing to move at all. 

If you’re moving due to a change in personal circumstances, these often contradictory reports can increase the stress of deciding whether now is the right time to move, or whether to stay put.

You may be a new buyer taking the first step into home ownership, or are perhaps selling the family home and starting afresh without kids, or indeed may plan to invest in property; conflicting information about current and future property prices and rents can make your decision-making more complicated. 

However, there is no need to worry. The media reports you read or hear about normally quote ‘averages’ and ‘year on year’ property price and rent movements. At Leaders we know that these rarely reflect the situation of a specific property, such as a two-bedroomed terrace or five-bedroomed detached home, in a specific area or on a particular road.

We constantly monitor prices and rents, and buyer and tenant demand, locally and nationally; we analyse and can explain current market activity from one day to the next, not only in the local area that interests you, but right down to the road you live on, or aspire to move to.

We find that property prices and rents typically reported as ‘average’ tend not to reflect the individuality of the property you plan to sell, let or invest in. They can also move in different and seemingly unrelated directions from one month to the next – all because this depends on how many people seek to move today compared to those looking to sell or let.  

Whether you’re investing or moving nearby, or further afield, our knowledgeable and experienced consultants are familiar with both local and nationwide markets. Their job isn’t just to help you find or sell a property, but to provide support and advice – and to help you make the right decision – backed up by their comprehensive knowledge of what’s happening to prices and rents in your individual property market.  

At Leaders our aim is to always provide a first-class service which answers all your property questions; this could be providing you with an update on the local market, ensuring you sell your home for the best price by intelligently matching your property with our nationwide database of buyers, or helping  you find your first home or investment. 

So if you want to know what’s happening locally or in another region, do contact us. Let us chat you through the market and help you make the property decision that’s right for you.