Which is the perfect home town for your young family?

Fri 12 Sep 2014

There are few greater responsibilities in life than being a parent, and when you become a mum or dad you will have to start making crucial decisions that can have a tremendous impact on your loved ones and your quality of life.

Perhaps the most important of all is choosing a place to live; a village, town or city that will allow you to bring up your little ones in the way you have always hoped. And once you have selected a particular spot, finding the perfect rental property should be your priority.

A recent article by the Daily Telegraph identified the top 20 towns for families – and it is no surprise to find southern England featured prominently in the list. Indeed, Cheltenham – which is home to one of our Perry Bishop & Leaders branches – was named the number one destination for those with children.

With a low crime rate, high-quality schools and colleges and a vibrant town centre, it is little wonder that Cheltenham has marked itself out as a family hotspot.

Of course, no two families are ever searching for a home in the private rented sector using exactly the same criteria, so it is important to identify exactly what you value in a place to live and search thoroughly for this.

It might be high-performing schools and a relaxed way of life, such as in Cheltenham, or it could be excellent transport links, good value housing or easy access to the countryside.

Another location to score highly in the newspaper’s guide to great family living was the West Sussex city of Chichester, famous for its magnificent cathedral and watersports facilities at nearby West Wittering beach and Chichester Harbour.

Alternatively, you may wish to look towards Fleet, Hampshire, which exudes a warm and friendly semi-rural atmosphere, and Weybridge, Surrey, which is often seen as the natural first step out of London for young couples looking to start a family.

There is no need to rush your decision, as the south is packed with perfect family-friendly towns and cities so take the time to evaluate and compare a number of these.

We all want the very best for our children, so do not compromise when it comes to choosing the town in which they will spend their formative years.

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