Why do we spend more time choosing sofas and laptops than a new home?

Tue 15 Aug 2017

Brits typically spend more time picking their new sofa, laptop, car, watch, wedding dress and even deciding what to eat than they do on viewing a property before making an offer to buy it.

New research by Zoopla has found most people spend less than 30 minutes in a house before deciding to buy it. The figure was lowest in the East Midlands, where just 25.9 minutes are needed before the average buyer places an offer, while the time is 26 minutes in the south-east and 26.2 minutes in the south-west. Those in the east of England spend the longest – an average of 31.8 minutes – in a property during viewings.

In comparison, a typical person spends 34 minutes each day considering what to eat, up to 90 minutes choosing a new sofa and more than 70 minutes buying a laptop or PC.

Kevin Shaw, national sales director at property specialist Leaders, says: “Almost a quarter of people make their minds up within 10 minutes of entering a property for the first time and, on average, it takes three times longer to choose a new car than a new home.

“As a seller, this means you have only a short time to grab the attention of buyers so make sure your home is presented at its very best before opening the door to viewers. A good estate agent will be able to advise you on exactly what buyers are looking for and how you can ensure your property ticks all the right boxes.

“If you are looking to buy, it is undoubtedly true that acting quickly can help you to secure a home ahead of the competition. But it is also important to take your time both during viewings and when doing your homework on a particular property. After all, this is likely to be the largest purchase you ever make and getting it right is key.”

While the amount of time spent on viewings is short, an average buyer in the south-east spends a huge 73.5 hours browsing property advertisements on online portals.

Kevin adds: “This underlines the importance of working with an estate agent that will promote your property on all the major portals and go the extra mile to take eye-catching photos that are sure to stand out and appeal to prospective buyers.”

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