Why summer is the perfect time to let your family home

Tue 02 Jun 2015

Family home, property

There is no better time of year to put a family home on the rental market than the early part of summer.

With thousands of families across the UK beginning to put plans in place for the new academic year starting in September - including the possibility of their children starting at or moving to a new school - many opt to move to a new home in June and July.

Not only are parents keen to ensure they remain within the catchment area of their preferred school, they often choose to move to a larger property in order to provide their little ones with the space they need to thrive or to secure an extra bedroom for a child now of school age.

Allison Thompson, lettings director at Leaders, said: “The summer is a busy time for the rental market, and one of the major factors behind this is the spike in activity in the family sector.

“Parents understandably want to ensure they are in the perfect home ahead of September so their children are able to succeed at a local school that is easily accessible, and this often means making a move during the summer months.

“As such, I would advise anybody who is thinking of putting a family home on the lettings market to do so in the coming weeks in order to take advantage of this seasonal spike in demand.”

Rents have been on the rise across the country for some time and letting out a property is potentially an extremely rewarding move. With demand high at this time, landlords can feel confident of their house being matched with a quality tenant.

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