Next Auction date: 23rd April 2021


Next Auction – 23rd April 2021 – online bidding only

In accordance with the Covid-19 Regulations and Government guidance, all lots will be sold by a timed auction via the online auction area of our website until further notice.

If you haven’t already setup an account to bid online, please visit our online auctions page above, click on the lot you are interested in and then click “register to bid”.

The auction is live and bidding is made via your mobile device, laptop or desktop computer. The process is transparent and you will be able to see all of the bids placed in real time.

In order to authorise you to bid we will require ID documents certified by a Leaders Romans Group employee or a professional person including a bank or building society official, minister of religion, chartered accountant, solicitor or notary, and must contain the following:

  • A statement confirming “Certified to be a true copy of the document seen by me and a true likeness of the person”
  • Details of the person certifying and indication of professional status
  • A signature and date with a printed name
  • The occupation and address or telephone number of the person certifying

Our local branches are able to certify your documents.

For each lot there are Special Conditions of Sale and other documentation provided by the vendor’s solicitors. You will be able to register for this by clicking on the lot you are interested in and then the link provided. If you have any enquiries regarding the content, please ask your solicitor to contact the sellers’ solicitor for assistance.

For further information and advice Telephone: 01344 753120 or Email:



A guide to buying property at auction

online account

Step 1: Online account

Create an online account by going to the lot you are interested in and clicking on “Log in / register to bid”.  Follow the step by step process to complete your account to watch and bid on the Lot.

legal pack

Step 2: Legal pack

Before bidding at the auction, we advise that you thoroughly satisfy yourself by reading the legal pack and consulting with a solicitor or licensed conveyancer. You can download it by clicking on the lot you are interested in and using the link provided on the right.


Step 3: Viewings

Internal viewings will be permitted for bidders who have registered to bid online via our website. All confirmed viewings will be undertaken strictly by appointment only.

auction day

Step 4: Auction day

Our auctions start at 9.00 AM and the closing time for bids will vary for each lot. You will be required to setup an online account and submit your registration form before the auction to participate.

fall of gavel

Step 5: Fall of the gavel

Contracts are exchanged at the fall of the electronic gavel. Your card will be automatically debited for the bidder security amount of £5,000 and we will require the remaining balance for a 10% non-refundable deposit and a buyers charge of £1,200 including VAT to be transferred.


Step 6: Completion

Completion normally takes place just 20 working days (4 weeks) after the auction as per the special conditions of sale, when the remaining balance of the purchase price is paid.

Online auctions

Combining the best parts of the traditional sales method with auctions we’ve created a new product; online auctions. Online auctions offer a modern method for buying and selling property in an auction environment and are accessible to everyone. 

Our high-tech, online property auction portal is a fast, easy and efficient tool for buying and selling properties. If you are unable to attend our auctions venue or just simply live too far away, buying and selling via our online portal is the ideal solution. 

We don’t class online auctions as a separate service from a public auction, instead we think of the two as different venues. Buyers and sellers can utilise both methods and our specialist agents can advise on which venue they feel is most suited to the property and your circumstance. 

Online Auctions

Buying a property at auction

  • Every year thousands of people buy property at auction in the UK. Whether you’re a home buyer, investor, or developer the auction buying process is very simple and provides you with:

    • Fairness: All interested parties & buyers have an equal opportunity to bid.

    • Security: The contracts are exchanged on the day of the auction so there is no opportunity for gazumping

    • Speed: You can exchange contracts on a property in days and weeks rather than months


Meet your auction experts

Simon Clayton

Manager and Auctioneer

Simon has worked in the property industry for over 30 years and is a qualified member of the National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers.


Gareth Bell


Gareth has worked in the property industry for over 25 years.  For 17 years he has worked as an auctioneer overseeing residential and commercial disposals.


Daniel Gale


Daniel has worked in the property industry since 2006.  He has considerable experience in both residential and commercial property.


Paul Higgins-Drysdale

Auctions Valuer

Paul has worked in the property industry for over 16 years. He has experience in residential estate agency, auction valuing and property investment. 


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