Living in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire is located in southern England, just a short distance north-west of London, making it an ideal place for commuters to live.

The county town is Aylesbury, although it is far from the only settlement ideal for high-quality living. People of all ages enjoy living in Buckinghamshire as a result not only of its excellent links to the rest of the south-east and London, but also because it is an aesthetically pleasing county with many areas of beautiful countryside.

Other key destinations throughout Buckinghamshire include Milton Keynes, which is its largest town, as well as High Wycombe. The county is bordered by Greater London, Berkshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire.

Among the facilities that help to set the area apart from others are the world-famous Pinewood Studios and Dorney Lake, which hosted several rowing events in the 2012 Olympics. The major natural attraction is the Chilterns, which is famous for its fabulous rolling hills.

The history of Buckinghamshire dates back to before the Anglo-Saxon era, with its name meaning ‘the district of Bucca’s home’, and Bucca known to be a reference to the town of Buckingham. This naming took place in the 12th century, although the county is thought to have been in existence since the subdivision of the kingdom of Mercia after 919 AD.

Water is a key feature of the landscape in Buckinghamshire, none more so than on its southern border with Berkshire, which is formed by the River Thames. This provides plenty of opportunities for locals to engage in watersports and other activities.

In addition, the main branch of the Grand Union Canal passes through Buckinghamshire and there are several arms linking it to other destinations.

With a good range of towns and high-quality housing on offer, families, young professionals and older people will enjoy an impressive standard of living in Buckinghamshire.

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