Building Survey

What is a Building Survey?

If you are buying a large or old property, or are planning major works, a Building Survey is essential.

It will provide you with a comprehensive structural report tailored to suit your property. This survey highlights defects, repairs and maintenance options and aims to cover all of the following:

  • Establishes how the property is built, what materials are used and how these will perform in the future
  • Describes visible defects, plus exposing potential problems posed by hidden defects
  • Outlines the repair options and give you a repair timeline, while explaining the consequences of not acting
  • Provides specific comments on energy efficiency
  • Describes the construction and condition of the property on the date of the inspection
  • Identifies any problems that need urgent attention or are serious
  • Identifies things that need to be investigated to prevent further damage
  • Tells you about problems that may be dangerous
  • Shows up potential issues and defects, before any transaction takes place
  • Helps you decide whether you need extra advice before committing to your purchase
  • Allows you to budget for any repairs or restoration
  • Provides advice on the amount of ongoing maintenance required in the future

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If you are buying a property built within the last 100 years from common building materials, and which is in reasonable condition, our HomeBuyers Survey will meet your needs.

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