Buying at Auction

Buying a property at auction is becoming more popular each year, with thousands of people securing their dream home or an investment at the drop of the gavel. As a buyer, you enjoy a number of benefits when purchasing in this way, such as: 

• Contracts are exchanged at the fall of the gavel, so you cannot be gazumped

• Some sellers are keen to secure a quick sale so a competitive price can often be achieved

• You can have the keys for your new home within a month of the auction


Traditional Auctions 

Auctions offer one of the fastest, most transparent and effective ways to buy property and land. It's so much easier than you may think, offering a high degree of certainty that contracts will be exchanged on the stated day. The entire sales process, from instruction to exchange of contracts, is achieved within as little as four to six weeks.

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Online Auctions 

Online Auctions is a new, innovative and pioneering platform for buying property. It provides all the benefits of traditional auctions, including: speed and certainty of sale, transparency and zero risk of gazumping, but with the added advantage of pressure-free bidding via the convenience of your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. 

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