Emergency Repair Service

You never know exactly when an emergency will happen but when it does you can bet that it will be at the most inconvenient time possible. Emergencies cost a lot to put right when trades people, such as plumbers, electricians or glaziers are called out at short notice, particularly if it’s outside normal working hours.

Emergency call-outs for events such as leaking or blocked pipes, broken windows, boiler failure or failure of your home’s electrical supply are examples of repairs that may not be covered under your Home Insurance.

With the Emergency Repair Service most emergency repair bills will disappear.

At a cost of £127.75 inclusive of IPT per annum per property - the Emergency Repair Service covers you for up to £750 in call-out charges, labour and materials.

Think how much this will mean to your pocket as well as the reassurance and peace of mind that you need should the unexpected nightmare happen.

24 hour Emergency Repair Service

In cases of emergencies - burst pipes, broken windows and total central heating failure - your tenants just ring the emergency helpline number given to them by their local branch.

The carefully chosen and fully vetted contractors, who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, will attend to the emergency, effecting a permanent repair and when not possible a temporary repair.

Wide ranging cover for household emergencies

The Emergency Repair Service has been designed to form an integral part of our Fully Managed Service*. Working alongside your Buildings and Contents Insurance it is designed to provide cover in areas, which may:

• Expose your tenants to risks to their health

• Risk loss or damage to property

• Make a home uninhabitable

• Avoid potential claims which could expose you to expensive compensation claims of suffering loss or rental income

A typical Household Policy may not offer protection in many of these areas, but the Emergency Repair Service will as it includes: 

• Blockage in toilet waste pipes where there is only one toilet in the property

• Plumbing emergencies relating to leaking pipes and radiators, water tanks or blocked drains 

• Central heating or boiler failure in an emergency 

• Electrical emergency within property 

• Vermin such as rats, mice or wasps nests inside the home

*exclusively available to Leaders Fully Managed landlords.


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