Inventory Service

An inventory is a crucial document when it comes to protecting your interests as a landlord, so having it carried out thoroughly by an experienced, professional expert is a must.

It acts as a reliable record of the precise condition of your property at the start of a tenancy, making it vital evidence should you need to make a claim from a deposit for any loss or damage at its end. An inventory also documents the quantity and quality of a home’s contents. 

Even if you think there are few items in your property that need to make their way on to the inventory and you are letting it on an unfurnished basis, it is worth remembering that kitchens, bathrooms, walls, carpets, appliances and even curtains can be damaged and cost you money to repair unless you are protected by an inventory.

Over more than 30 years in the lettings market, we have seen thousands of cases in which a quality inventory has allowed landlords to successfully claim for damages. There is no substitute for a detailed inventory, complete with photographic evidence, in helping you to avoid an unpleasant and time-consuming dispute with your tenant. 

As you are probably aware, tenants have the right to dispute any deduction you choose to make from their deposit, so being able to back up your claim with an inventory is a must. Along with a tenancy agreement, it is the key document available to you.


Introducing our Inventory Service…

Our local property experts are extensively trained in the art of creating a comprehensive inventory that leaves no stone unturned. In fact, we pride ourselves on missing absolutely nothing when we document your home.

Using the very latest technology we put together a detailed record of everything in your property, as well as full colour photographs to match. We spot everything from the condition of your carpets to the state of the shower - and we also take meter readings.

It means you can rest assured you have an inventory that will adequately support your case should you need to make a deduction from your tenant’s deposit at the end of their tenancy. 

What’s more, our local team is ready to oversee the entire check-out process for you, if you wish, meaning you do not need to negotiate this complex process personally. 

The Inventory Service is included for all our Fully Managed and Rent Collection landlords, while it can be added on request for Introduction Only customers. 

For more information or to sign up to our Inventory Service email or call 0333 920 3324.