Making an offer

As soon as you pinpoint the property for sale that you want, it is time to make an offer, which you should submit to the agent. A period of negotiation may follow and if there are other buyers interested the property may go to sealed bids, at which time it is important you stay within your affordability range.

There are several steps that follow once your offer is made and before you become the legal owner of the property and the right agent can take some of the stress out of this period, so when making an offer you should also consider how professional and friendly the agent is. You will be dealing with them for anything up to 6 months - although a typical purchase takes between six and 12 weeks - so it is important to have a good and trusting relationship. The agent acts for the seller, but they can and should also assist you during each stage of your purchase.

You can find more information about some key points of buying a house within our Buying FAQs page.