Living in Norfolk

Located on England’s east coast and in the heart of the famous East Anglia region, Norfolk is one of England’s most fascinating and diverse counties.

It has a famously low-lying landscape, with its iconic Broads region one of the most recognisable tourist areas in the country. This is complemented by the architecturally unique and historic city of Norwich, which also acts as Norfolk’s county town.

In terms of area, Norfolk is the fifth largest county in England, underlining its vastness. Much of its space is green and open, while it also boasts magnificent coastlines to the east and north, making it a perfect place to enjoy a high quality of life and plenty of peace and quiet.

While Norwich is by some way the largest conurbation in Norfolk, there are many other great places for tenants and buyers to choose to live. These include Great Yarmouth, King’s Lynn and Thetford.

With improving road links and direct rail services to London, Norfolk is becoming more popular than ever, meaning it is also a desirable location for investors. A high yield can be achieved on investment properties in the county, where tenant demand is currently strong.

Norfolk has a long and rich history dating back to pre-Roman times, when the first settlers arrived. Its location has meant it has often been vulnerable to attacks from the east, such as those instigated by Angles and the Saxons. A series of forts and other defences were built to combat these.

All of this has combined to make Norfolk an intriguing place with plenty of stories to tell. The Broads certainly remain its major draw, with this series of inland waterways attracting in excess of seven million visitors each year.

Whatever reasons people have for wanting to move to or invest in Norfolk, they can be sure they will find exactly what they are looking for, as the county boasts a good supply of high-quality housing and strong levels of tenant demand.

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