Living in Port Solent

The Solent is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the UK, so it is not hard to understand how a marina that offers such easy access to it has become a jewel of the south coast.

Port Solent, which is located to the north-west of central Portsmouth, is the region’s premier marina and is a hit not only with those who own a yacht, but also people who simply want to visit a facility with a unique atmosphere that provides ample entertainment and social opportunities.

Alongside the water lies the thriving Boardwalk, which features a selection of restaurants, bars and shops. This makes Port Solent the perfect destination for everybody from young families to groups of friends and couples seeking a romantic meal or a day at the shops.

Of course, its primary purpose is to serve as a marina, and this it does with style and effortless practicality. There is room for some 500 boats in the fully serviced boat yard, making it the ideal spot for anybody who wishes to moor their vessel in a place they can make great use of it.After all, the Solent, and beyond that the English Channel, lie just a few miles away, not to mention the famous waterfront of Portsmouth, where sailors can enjoy the very best warships of years gone by and the present day as they pass.

Only a little further afield is the Isle of Wight, which boasts many miles of magnificent beaches and plenty of anchorages, making it an extremely popular day trip destination for people sailing from Port Solent.

What’s more, the marina allows 24-hour access to the sea, so there is no time of the day that owners will be prohibited from taking their boat out. The port has been built with convenience and quality in mind.

Port Solent’s facilities are of such a high standard they helped the marina to earn the highest rating of Five Gold Anchors in the Yacht Harbour Association’s most recent inspection. It truly is the perfect place to keep a boat.

Other reasons to visit Port Solent include the presence of a health club, a multiplex cinema and a children’s playground, all of which only serve to enhance its popularity among the local population.

With so many attractive features and facilities, it is little wonder properties in Port Solent prove to be incredibly popular with both buyers and tenants. There is substantial demand for the stylish houses and modern apartments that are available in the area.

Many offer ocean views and direct sightlines over the marina and its hundreds of gleaming yachts, while many of the properties are deemed to be luxury abodes such is the high standard of their construction and design.

For waterside living on the south coast, Port Solent is undoubtedly one of the finest options available.

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