Premier Rent Guarantee Service

As a landlord, being able to rely on a monthly income is imperative. It allows you to meet your own financial obligations, such as ensuring any mortgage repayments are made. 

Even quality tenants with the best intentions can suffer from a change in circumstances that leaves them unable to pay their rent on time each month. After all, job losses, relationship break-ups and illness can affect anybody.

That’s why we offer our Premier Rent Guarantee Service (PRGS), which is specially designed to take all the stress out of letting a property and provide you with ultimate peace of mind.

Once you sign up to PRGS, not only do we market your property, let it to a reputable tenant and manage it on a daily basis, we also provide you with a number of safeguards that allow you to let with confidence. 

Most importantly, we guarantee your rent will be paid, even if your tenant fails to pay.

All aspects of PRGS have been carefully pieced together in order to protect you against the primary risks you could face. Cash flow can be a concern for many landlords, but with PRGS you never need to worry, even if you face a costly legal bill to regain possession of your property.

Should the worst case scenario unfold and your tenant does not pay their rent, or does not vacate the property when required, we will take the following steps to support PRGS landlords:

• Rent will be paid promptly (with no excess) so you do not experience a loss of income 

• We will continue to manage the tenancy to protect your interests

• Any legal notices required will be served by our team to regain possession of the property

• We will instruct solicitors with full briefing notes

• The cost of all legal work will be covered

• We will keep you up to date at every stage

• Should alternative accommodation be needed, we will cover the cost

In short, there is no need for you to get involved or spend any time or money in an attempt to pursue the rent you are owed or take the necessary legal steps to regain possession of your property. We take control so you do not have to.

For more information or to sign up to PRGS email or call 0333 920 2892. 

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