We support you through every step of the probate process

Dealing with probate can be difficult and sensitive. However, Leaders’ Probate Services team sensitively supports you through the legal and practical matters associated with selling property or land after bereavement. We will help you decide on the best way to sell – whether this is via the traditional sales method or at auction – and deal with solicitors acting for the estate, ensuring you meet all your legal, administrative and tax requirements.

As part of our probate services, we provide:

    • A probate valuation
      Having a probate valuation will ensure you have a clear understanding of the exact value of your property and will enable you to make informed decisions.

    • Advice on the best way to sell your probate property
      After we’ve seen your property and discussed your requirements, we will offer advice on the most effective selling method for your property. This could be via a traditional route, or at one of our popular property auctions.

    • Liaison with your solicitors 
      The legal, tax and administrative processes involved in dealing with an estate can be complex and add additional strain during an already stressful time. We remove that stress by dealing directly with the solicitors of all parties involved to assure a swift and successful sale.
    • Regular security visits
      We will take care of your property during the viewing process, checking it regularly from a security perspective and accompanying every viewing - this is especially useful if you don’t live close to the probate property you’re selling.
    • Removal of unwanted possessions
      We also organise any essential property and garden repair or maintenance on your behalf, and can even help you remove unwanted furniture or possessions.

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Simon Clayton

Manager and Auctioneer

Simon has worked in the property industry for over 30 years and is a qualified member of the National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers.


Gareth Bell


Gareth has worked in the property industry for over 25 years.  For 17 years he has worked as an auctioneer overseeing residential and commercial disposals.


Daniel Gale


Daniel has worked in the property industry since 2006.  He has considerable experience in both residential and commercial property.