Selling a property at a special open house day can be the most effective way to secure a great buyer and the maximum price, according to one national estate agents.

Leaders, which is hosting a national open house event on 12th May, has advised homeowners across the UK to consider the benefits of selling in this way.

Open houses involve estate agents opening up a property on a particular day and inviting numerous prospective buyers to view it, usually in a short window of just one or two hours.

Kevin Shaw, national sales director at Leaders, has revealed some of the advantages of open house events, explaining: “There are several reasons why open houses are good for sellers, both from a practical perspective and when it comes to achieving the best possible selling price.

“Firstly, by holding an open house event, most sellers will spend a few hours away from their home while viewings take place. This is often preferable to having single viewings spread over various days and times.

“Secondly, by consolidating viewings into one date, it is easier to prepare a property so that it looks its best ahead of viewings. After all, nobody wants to have to clean and tidy before every single viewing.

“Perhaps most importantly of all, open houses are designed to maximise interest in a property. They force all interested parties to view at the same time and, providing the event goes well, a bidding war often ensues, strengthening the seller’s position and leading to great offers.

“A good estate agent will actively promote the open house event and generate enquiries from a selection of potential buyers. Your agent should be highly effective when it comes to letting people know a property is up for sale and an open house is happening.”

Anybody wishing to take part in Leaders’ national open house event should instruct the company to sell their property by 4th May. It will then be opened to buyers on 12th May or an alternative date to suit.

For more information on listing a property ahead of the open house event contact your local Leaders branch or book a free property valuation today.


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