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How does an in-person, estate agent valuation differ from an online valuation? +-
Which is the most accurate type of valuation? +-
What are the three main factors that determine a property’s value? +-
How can I improve the market value of my property before I sell? +-
How can I tell if my property has been valued correctly? +-

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What to bring to your mortgage appointment

Mortgage checklist: what paperwork do I need for my appointment?

Arranging a mortgage can seem like an endless process, full of paperwork. But there are ways to make it easier - get organised and make the most of your appointment with a mortgage adviser by following our handy ...

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10 family-friendly commuter towns for London workers

small towns around london

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people reconsidered where they wanted to live – and the type of house they wanted to live in. Moving out of the city and into the suburbs became an attractive option, as families look to ...

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How to sell your home at auction

auction properties

You should have already read our article on 5 reasons to consider selling a property at auction and now we're going to look at how you do this. Contrary to the belief that property auctions are only ideal for old or derelict ...

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