14 home organisation hacks and storage ideas you need to know about

14 home organisation hacks and storage ideas you need to know about
4th October 2022

It feels like we are only a few years away from being able to order something to be delivered to our house by blinking. In an era where all the world’s ‘stuff’ is at our virtual fingertips, it’s no wonder that creative solutions to managing clutter are all the rage.

No matter how cautiously we go about accumulating too many things, modern homes can typically get busy and messy easily. Here are 14 home organisation hacks and storage ideas you need to know about.

1. Compartmentalise your drawers

Drawers help to get items away and out of sight, but without organising the contents, it can still be a bit of a nightmare to find anything you need quickly. Drawer dividers help to group items into categories, keeping everything looking more organised and easier to find.

2. Consider file folding

You can up your folding game a step further by folding and storing towels (and clothes) in an upright position as you would with files and folders; this way, it is easy to see everything at a glance - colour code for extra organisation.

Watch this video via Marie Kondo if you're not sure how to file fold!

3. Categorise by colour

For a more cohesive, minimalist look, items such as office folders or organisational storage boxes can be arranged in colour-coded order to avoid using labels at all. Of course, clothes arranged in colour blocks looks less messy and is a great way to find what you need easily.

4. Utilise under-shelf storage space

By adding the right under-shelf brackets, you can create a handy extra spot to store items that don’t look out of place, such as a rolled up yoga mat or towels in the bathroom.

5. Conceal your cords

Organisation has as much to do with aesthetics as it does practicality when it comes to how a messy environment can clutter your mind. There are many options to choose from regarding wire organisation, but often some strategically placed clips or hooks will do the job to make furniture and decor look more seamless.

6. Wire or clear baskets in the kitchen larder or cupboards

Instead of having a larder or kitchen cupboards packed full of half empty boxes, pick up some wire baskets or clear plastic storage containers and fill them with snacks and other individually packaged items; this removes all the box clutter and organises food while making it super easy to find what you need fast.

7. Embrace vertical storage solutions

Not everything in the kitchen needs to be kept in a big messy pile! Say goodbye to the days of clanging saucepans and baking trays together while retrieving the one you need and start storing such items vertically. You might have to get creative with how best to divide the space up - deep drawers can be fitted with drawer dividers, while cupboards might require large wire racks or separate laminate spacers, but it will be worth it.

8. File water bottles away

Most kitchens have an assortment of water bottles, many of which tend to come tumbling out of the cupboard whenever you reach for something in their vicinity. A handy way to store water bottles is to ‘file’ them away in magazine (or file) holders that have been set down on their side.

9. Use CD holders to organise lids

While we’re on the subject of repurposing items for kitchen storage, another great idea is to use old CD holders to store plastic lids; if they’ve seen better days then depending on the material, a touch of spray paint might be all you need to make them good as new and tie in with your kitchen aesthetic.

10. Introduce labelled glass jars

A collection of matching airtight, glass jars can do wonders for organising your pantry and having it look far less chaotic - pasta, spaghetti, biscuits, etc. - and add matching labels for an even better look.

11. Use clear canisters on worktops

For kitchens that lack storage space, it can be necessary to keep some regularly used items on the counter. When that is necessary, using matching clear canisters creates a cohesive look and has the contents on display for instant access to what you need.

12. Get things turning

Lazy Susans (rotating ‘caddies’) are so versatile for organising items around the home. You can keep toiletries (ideally rebottled in matching bottle sets) on a rotating caddy in the bathroom; you can use one underneath the sink for easy access to a particular cleaning product; organise sauce in your pantry on one - the options are endless.

13. Implement the ‘One In, One Out’ rule

This rule is particularly helpful with children bringing new toys into the house - when a new toy arrives, an old one must be donated. This rule can also apply to many things around the house to stay on top of clutter accumulation.

14. Hire some help

Getting things organised saves time in the long run and helps life run more smoothly, so it’s worth investing in. If you need a hand, consider hiring in some help from people who can assist you with jobs around the house, small or large; you could make a list of things that need doing - assembling Ikea furniture, hanging pictures, installing shelving, etc. - and get everything you need done all at once!

Don’t delay - organise today!

Ok, maybe not today, but it rhymed so we went with it. That said, organising your home really can help to reduce stress and free up more time for enjoying your home and family time.

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