Front door colours: Our top picks

Front door colours: Our top picks
2nd September 2022

It’s no secret that curb appeal is an important but often overlooked aspect of home presentation when it comes to selling up. Still, whether you’re on the move or want to make the most of your property’s aesthetic, one of the features that can significantly alter the look of your home is the front door.

The appearance, colour and style of a front door can be striking, subtle, or somewhere in between. Choosing the best colour for your front door will depend upon several factors, such as the age, style and external facade of your home, and while personal preferences will undoubtedly play a part in the decision, there are some guidelines to follow for great results.

Here is our guide and top picks for choosing front door colours.

Colour psychology

Let’s begin with the basics regarding colour, by considering what different colours communicate.

  • Red - often associated with danger or ‘stop’,’ red is also considered a powerful colour that represents strength and confidence. It’s certainly striking, and is a popular choice for period homes
  • Green - immediately conjuring up connections to nature, green evokes thoughts around growth, balance, harmony, promoting feelings of comfort, warmth and togetherness
  • Blue - Bold blues represent courage and confidence, as well as traits such as trust, loyalty, success and peace; softer blues carry similar traits, but are infused with feelings of tranquillity
  • Yellow - positivity beams from the sunny colour of yellow; it’s welcoming and energising
  • Orange - this joyful colour represents optimism, motivation and encouragement
  • Brown - this quintessentially earthy colour brings about feelings of reliability and reassurance
  • Grey - intentionally unobtrusive, grey is steady, unemotional and mature
  • Black - often associated with sophistication, black is also considered to be strong, bold, confident and powerful without standing out

Front door colours for white homes

Whether rendered, or light stone in appearance, a white house creates the perfect opportunity to make a statement with a bold door colour. Pale and pastel shades create a tired, washed out look against a white backdrop, so something a little more striking in contrast makes for a far more interesting look.

So long as it’s a bold colour, the door of a white house can look great in a wider range of hues. Black and deep grey create a professional, monochromatic look, while royal and deep navy blues are a classic, elegant choice.

If you want to make more of an impact, contemporary choices such as lime green, brilliant yellow or hot pink can make a great statement and feel fresh and invigorating - just be cautious of going so bold if you’re thinking of selling as it can affect the number of buyers your property will attract.

For fun and expression, our top pick is lime or hot pink, but for the purpose of selling or maintaining a classic look, you can’t go past deep blue or black for the ultimate elegant finish to your home’s curb appeal.

Front door colours for red brick homes

There’s no shortage of red brick homes throughout the UK, but what door colours suit them best?

According to colour theory, one of the best colours for the front doors of red brick houses is blue, as it is in opposition to the orangey tones of red brick homes on the colour wheel.

Dark blues are strong and bold against the red brick, but they can also be complemented with subtle pastel shades such as green and grey. White doors can be offset against red brick far more strikingly than other wall finishes, too. Still, our top pick for a red brick home is dark blue.

Front door colours by property style

As well as considering front door colours by the colour and finish of the exterior walls, it can help to consider what best matches the style and period of your home.

Period homes

Period properties are best accentuated by classic colours that represent sophistication and grandeur (although some styles do suit bold statement colours based on personal preference). Remember, though, that if your property is a listed building, there will likely be limitations as to what colours the doors and windows can be painted, so be sure to check that first.

Modern homes

Modern, contemporary homes are currently favouring muted shades, such as subtle pastels, slate greys and black. Many architecturally-designed homes are also opting for clear glass and natural wood finishes.

Country homes

Country properties traditionally suit colours that compliment their surroundings as much as the house itself - pastels, natural wood, greens and sages. That said, pops of colour also represent the countryside’s flowers, so it’s not too uncommon for a traditional country house to feature a bright, cheerful front door.

Terraced homes

Given that the nature of terraced housing means that each individual dwelling can get a little lost in the row, a bright door - such as lime green or yellow - can help to make your home stand out and seem all the more inviting.

Coastal homes

Many coastal property homeowners opt for fresh light colours that complement the surroundings - sea greens, turquoise, and blues are the most popular.

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