As the winter evenings begin to draw in and the temperature drops, many tenants begin to consider just how much their winter energy bills are going to cost. With the average family home spending just shy of £600 a year on gas alone, your tenants will only thank you for helping them implement these top energy-busting ideas:

Invest in insulated curtains and blinds

Thick or insulated furnishings might be slightly more expensive initially, but they’ll provide a noticeable difference in warmth for your tenants. As the nights draw closer, insulated curtains and blinds take the work out of making sure precious heat isn’t lost and wasted through windows and doors. It’s also possible to purchase stick-on insulation for the bottom of any doors causing an irritating draft.

Install a water-saving shower head

This is such a great fix, which is both affordable and easy to provide. Simply contact your water or energy supplier, or local hardware shop. Whilst showers are certainly more efficient than baths, families can use over 500 litres of water per day – just by showering. Swapping your existing shower head for a water-saving one will not only save your tenants money, it’ll help reduce your carbon footprint, too.

Fit double glazing

Does your rental property have double (or secondary) glazing? If not, it might be time to consider investing. Your tenants would be amazed by the difference double glazing makes, both to the warmth of their home and their energy bills. Whilst this isn’t such a cheap or easy fix, replacing worn and drafty windows should be seen as a long term investment, as it will likely improve the sale price of your property, should you ever want to move on.

Insulate your loft and cavities

Insulating your loft or any cavity walls can make a noticeable difference to the result of your EPC and doesn’t need to be expensive. Insulation is more affordable than ever before and is a highly effective way of retaining heat within a building. With 33% of the heat circulating your home lost by uninsulated walls and loft space, this improvement is a no brainer when considering warmth and efficiency. Simply visit the Government website for information on insulation grants and how to go about installing insulation.

Arrange for your energy supplier to fit a Smart Meter

This is super easy and is something your tenants will be happy to do. Ask them to get in touch with their energy supplier, if you don’t arrange these bills yourself. They can then arrange a convenient time for workmen to come out and install the device, which doesn’t take long. Not only will this save your tenants money, it promotes a more eco-friendly way of living by contextualising the cost of wasteful habits.

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