There’s nothing more exciting than stepping foot into your dream property and knowing it’s ‘the one’. But anxiety can quickly follow when you realise that it’s up to you to make that dream property your home. Need some tips? Read on…!

If you’re sure the property is for you, you are able to submit your offer either verbally or in writing. We will then contact the seller of the property and put forward your offer to them, in the very best light.

To help us do that, we need a few things from you! Here’s what to consider when you prepare to make an offer:

Be organised and prepared. Knowing how much you can afford and being able to provide evidence of this (either proof of funds if you’re buying cash or an agreement in principle from your mortgage lender) will show that you’re a reliable, organised and serious buyer. It is also helpful to have details of your chosen solicitor to hand, so that you can pass these on to us.

Stress your position. Buyers with no chain are in a great position, as there’s less risk of a transaction falling through. If you’re a first-time buyer or otherwise chain-free and you know your seller is keen to move quickly, stressing your position is likely to work in your favour. Equally, if your seller hasn’t found anywhere to move to yet or doesn’t want to rush, it could pay to be patient and communicate a degree of flexibility as long as this works for you, too.

Act quickly. Sellers are busy and don’t want to entertain time wasters. If you like the look of a property, don’t dawdle – be proactive in organising a viewing and, if you’re committed to pursuing the property, make an offer sooner rather than later. Being proactive is a great way of showing the seller you’re a serious contender and it means that we can help you move quicker, too!

Negotiate confidently. If you decide you want the property but choose not to offer the full asking price, make sure you give a reason so that we can help the seller understand why. That said, whilst a bit of negotiating is to be expected, try not to go in too low – it’s important to remember why you want to buy the property, so be prepared to pay for it!


What to do once your offer is accepted

Having your offer accepted is a great moment but you must remember the deal is not legally binding until contracts have been exchanged. There’s lots of paperwork involved throughout the process of a property transaction (double, if you’re selling too!), so being efficient from the start is key.

Make sure you have clear and correct contact details for your estate agent (if you’re selling), solicitors and mortgage advisors (if applicable), so that all initial documentation (Memorandum of Sale) can be shared between parties quickly and easily, kick-starting the process.

Looking for your next home? Whether it’s your first or your fifth, our experienced sales teams are on hand to help you find your dream property. Get in touch to start your search now!


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