Inspiring bathrooms: 7 refreshing ideas for 2024

Inspiring bathrooms: 7 refreshing ideas for 2024
20th October 2023

When it comes to home renovations, a bathroom makeover is a great way to personalise and refresh one area of your home that is used by family and guests staying over or as a retreat to relax in.

Whether you’ve recently moved or are looking to renovate a tired property, there is plenty to think about when it comes to designing the bathroom of your dreams. From choosing colours to knowing if the space lends itself to a tiled flooring or a freestanding tub, an impressive bathroom can transform a tired wet room into an inviting sanctuary.

Before you get started, however, the good news is that a well-designed bathroom can add 5% to the value of your home and increase a rental yield if you’re letting a property out. Meanwhile, investing in a second bathroom is great for growing families, and designing your own en-suite is a welcome option if you want some extra privacy.

With some stylish bathroom trends to inspire now and in 2024, this article looks at seven ways to make your bath-time sparkle again.

1. Create a bespoke spa-like retreat

More than anything, your bathroom should be a soothing escape in a hectic week. Create a private sanctuary by minimising clutter and adding peaceful design elements. Tranquil blues and greens are ideal for creating a relaxing spa vibe and for extra zen, add rattan mats, dried flowers, essential oils, candles and dimmable lighting. 

For a bespoke bathroom design that exudes luxury and charm, choose a decor that promises to make a home-spa a reality with perfect accessories like plush towels, beautiful linen, sumptuous soaps and scented candles. Whatever your spa-inspired bathroom budget is, there are plenty of special touches you can use to create the design you’ve always dreamt of.

Installing a freestanding bathtub adds an elegant focal point in the centre of your bathroom. They also come in a range of rich materials like cast iron, copper or stone. If space is tight, a compact tub can still fit into smaller bathrooms as long as you get the position correct. Add stylish legs or a simple base to create that freestanding look. 

2. Work with colours for a winning vibe 

Selecting the palette you want and the perfect coloured paint is an affordable way to refresh your bathroom. If you’re after a soothing, serene sanctuary, consider dusty shades of blue, green and grey which have a peaceful, spa-like feel. Bolder but relaxing hues create an inviting environment too and don't be afraid to experiment on different walls of your bathroom or by upcycling with DIY tricks to refresh mirrors, miscellaneous items and cabinets. Navy blue, deep green and charcoal grey work well with white tile. Meanwhile, a circle of gold around a dull mirror is an instant win for a centrepiece feature.

You can decorate further using striking wallpaper. Choosing bold and colourful wallpaper gives an instant lift to your bathroom in no time at all. From floral prints to geometric patterns, wallpaper gives personality and flair. Be confident with tropical jungle themes for a family bathroom or modern graphic prints if you want to maintain that contemporary look. Remember, removable wallpaper makes changing up designs easy and cost effective and there are plenty of stylish water-resistant options to use beyond the drier areas.

In addition, you might want to use paint to make your bathroom appear larger than it actually is and the right paint colour will go a long way towards giving you the style and design you want. Matte and brushed black colours also give a polished finish to faucets, shower systems, bathroom cabinets and other fittings for a sleek, modern look. 

3. Create a classic and contemporary look

For the classic contemporary bathroom, consider a black and white palette scheme which works best for small bathrooms looking to make a big impact. Pair black walls or tiles with crisp white trim and accessories. 

Add pops of colour with matching towels, white scented candles and indoor greenery. Vertical subway tiles, checks and graphic prints can add all the visual interest you want for that ultra-modern style. Sticking to just two main colours, however, keeps things simple but elegant.

4. Modernise with smart tech upgrades 

Adopting smart tech is a popular trend in many homes but the right gadgets can make your bathroom more functional and luxurious. Digital showers with customizable settings, self-cleaning toilets, heated floors, and waterproof Bluetooth speakers are some popular high-tech additions. 

Touchless faucets and soap dispensers are more essential than ever. Smart toilets, high-tech shower systems with digital controls, mirror TVs and other tech are being integrated into bathrooms for convenience and luxury. Voice assistants, mood lighting and built-in audio are on trend. 

5. Accentuate with warm metallics and rich brass 

Warm metallics add a glamorous touch. Rose gold, antique brass, and aged bronze make interesting hardware choices. Try a metallic finish on mirror frames, light fixtures, faucets, and shower trims. Metallic details pair nicely with marble, wood, black, or white for chic contrast.

In addition, brushed brass fixtures add a touch of sophistication to any bathrooms and injects that added luxury into your renovation. Swap out chrome faucets, shower heads and hardware for richer-looking brass upgrades. The warm, golden sheen of brass pairs well with wood, black or your chequered black and white design for extra glamour. Aged and antiqued brass with a more subtle gleam has a vintage vibe that works well for traditional, farmhouse or vintage modern bathrooms. 

Using standard chrome or brushed nickel can add some drama and elegance. Matte black steel can also go some way to making your bathroom feel a lot warmer and softer than a shiny finish. Pair matte black fixtures with wood tones and metallics for a more sophisticated style. 

6. Add natural textures and stone features

Natural textures like wood, stone and wicker are surging in popularity. These organic materials add warmth and harmony to the bathroom. Try a teak wood vanity, marble tile floors, or rattan baskets for storage. Using different natural textures together creates an earthy look for the spa-like feel you might want to achieve.

Stone surfaces like marble, travertine and slate add natural texture and beauty. Large format stone tiles are popular for walls and floors. Honed, matte and textured finishes add depth and sophistication. Natural stone adds a sense of tranquillity and elegance that works with any style of bathroom, from modern to that classic traditional design.

7. Personalise furnishings for the perfect finish

An eye-catching vanity is a focal point. Custom options allow you to select the sink, finish, counter, storage and shape. Floating vanities are a stylish modern choice that saves floor space. Go bold with black, navy, or dark green cabinets. Or keep it light with a white or driftwood grey wash. Personalise with hardware that reflects your taste.

If you need creative storage solutions, consider built-in cabinets, adjustable shelves and concealed storage so toiletries and supplies have a place. Clever ideas like recessed niches, medicine cabinets, and under-sink drawers keep necessities accessible but out of sight. Maintaining a clutter-free space makes your bathroom feel freshly designed.

With some creativity, inspiring ideas and imagining exactly what you want in a new or refurbished bathroom, you can give this important space an affordable makeover that feels fresh and inviting to add value to your property as well as upgrade a practical room. By focusing on the details and introducing a range of colours, bathtubs, fixtures and fittings, a bathroom makeover can transform a practical space into the striking, inviting and luxurious retreat you’re after. 

This article was written by guest blogger, Annie Button.

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