“Is my house haunted?” – Take this quiz to find out

“Is my house haunted?” – Take this quiz to find out
23rd October 2020

Do strange, unexplainable things keep happening in your house? Do you get the shivers as you walk through a room? It’s quite possible your home is haunted – why not take our fun quiz and find out?

Halloween is just around the corner, so what better time to check whether you’re currently living in a haunted house – after all, everyone knows that 31st October is when all the ghouls and gremlins come out to play. So, whether you believe in the afterlife or not, here’s a quick quiz to find out if your house has some occupants from “the other side”…


Will being “haunted” affect my property’s value?

There’s no precise answer to this, but we do know that buyers across the country love properties that come with an intriguing story. After all, if your home has a ghostly tale to tell it is far more likely to capture the imagination of prospective buyers. Would it put buyers off? Possibly, however we recently asked followers on our Facebook page: “Would you live in a haunted house?” And surprisingly, a huge 86% of those who responded said they would, with some commenting that they think they already do.

If your property’s ghoulish past has already become common knowledge in the local area, it’s likely that it will attract significant interest when you put it on the market, not least from the local press who will be keen to cover the story. And a fascinating history will be the obvious starting point for your estate agent when it comes to marketing the house and conducting viewings.


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