Need a move-in gift? Here are some ideas!

Need a move-in gift? Here are some ideas!
16th January 2023

Whether buying or renting, moving into a new home is typically a time to celebrate. Regardless of the circumstances, moving represents new beginnings and can be made all the more special by marking it with a thoughtful gift.

When you have friends or family who are moving into a new home, it can be tricky to find the right move-in gift. Everyone’s tastes differ, and often, the search is complicated further by not being sure what they already have.

It may also be you who is moving in with someone new (or vice versa), which is a special time that can also be celebrated with a thoughtful gift - especially if you are a couple about to live together for the first time, or even buying a house together.

It’s worth noting here that, while moving in with someone can be a very exciting time, it’s vital to consider all aspects, such as whether you will split finances, whether you will both be on the rental or mortgage agreement, any debt that either of you are bringing with you into the cohabiting relationship, etc. The sooner you get all of these important details ironed out, the sooner you can get on with enjoying living together, but it’s crucial to go in with your eyes open and knowing what’s what.

Here are some unique suggestions covering a range of price points to get the ideas flowing!

Kitchen Spoon Rest

Portobello Spoon Rest, £10, The White Company

If you’re on the lookout for an inexpensive option, spoon rests are all the rage, and there are a wide variety of styles to choose from.

We love the elegant simplicity of this white Portobello Spoon Rest from The White Company (and the price is great, too). Anyone who cooks regularly will love having a handy, stylish spoon rest, so even though it might seem like a teeny tiny gift, unless they already have one, they’ll love it. The lipped edge is ideal for resting a variety of utensils while cooking, avoiding so much mess while cooking up a storm.

Housewarming hamper

The congratulations hamper, £160, Fortnum & Mason

When you’re not sure what to get someone as a move-in gift (or for virtually any occasion), you can’t go wrong with a hamper full of goodies. This housewarming hamper is particularly special - no surprise given that it comes from Fortnum & Mason (and costs a pretty penny).

Full of delicious goodies including truffles, raspberry preserve, florentines, and a bottle of Fortnum & Mason’s own Rose Champagne, and the lovely hamper basket can then be used as pretty storage for toys, blankets or other nik naks.

Personalised Couples New Home Keyring

Personalised Couples New Home Keyring, £10, Multiply Design

Another cheap and cheerful option is to go for a simple yet personalised gift, such as these couples' new home keyrings. This sweet house design with engraved initials is the perfect pressie for a couple buying (or otherwise moving into) their first home together.

Personalised couples’ gifts are also a great option for a ‘move in with me’ gift - even a close friend might find it extremely sweet!

Personalised Metallic Foil Map Print

Personalised Metallic Foil Map Print, £41.47, Yve Print Co

These metallic foil map prints can be created for any location and personalised to make the perfect move-in gift!

This Personalised Metallic Foil Map Print from Yve Prine Co via comes with a range of customisable options to make the perfect gift; with a variety of coloured foils to choose from, the makers choose the map radius for best composition (unless you have any special requests), you can opt for a pin or heart-shaped icon to highlight the exact address, and you can add up to three lines of text below the map to make it extra special and personalised.

Black Marquina Marble Coasters

Black Marquina Marble Coasters (4), £20, John Lewis

Coasters are a great idea for a housewarming gift, with endless choices online or in the shops to ensure that you can find a style that suits the recipient/s. These minimalist black marble coasters from John Lewis are well-priced and are a classic, chic design for anyone unsure of what theme to go for.

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