Outdoor Halloween decor ideas that’ll be the talk of the town

Outdoor Halloween decor ideas that’ll be the talk of the town
11th October 2022

Halloween is a fun time for all - trick-or-treating and parties may top the list, but getting stuck into the decorations can be half the fun. Whether you want to go all-out and transform your property into a super spooky lair, or you prefer to keep it subtle and chic, here are some great ideas to stand out with your outdoor Halloween decor.


Giant spider and web display

For most people, the sight of a big spider is enough to make them shriek and run for the hills; planting a gigantic, furry spider with red, beady eyes outside your house is sure to be noticed.

This giant spider and web display is available on Amazon and comes with stretchy spider web (300sq ft), 30 mini spiders and one whopping 6.6 ft tarantula-esque spider! This is the perfect prop to decorate the outside of your house, letting trick-or-treaters know that you are totally here for it - if they are prepared to walk past this killer creepy crawly!

Another creepy crawly spider option is to buy up a bunch of the giant ones and stick them all over the front of your house - it might be a bit of a mission (safety first and use a proper ladder with someone assisting) but the effect of your home being swarmed by giant killer spiders will certainly stand out!

Spooky path signs

Display spooky signs on your front lawn or lining the pathway to your front door to create a scary scene for passersby and trick-or-treaters. Messages like ‘Beware,’ Danger,’ and ‘Enter at Your Own Risk’ are a little spooky, but painted onto bloodstained wooden posts will really add to the drama. 

This would be a fun DIY project for the family to put together, or, if you’d rather buy some ready to install, check out this 3 pack on Etsy.


Front lawn graveyard

Few places are scarier than a graveyard at night - so turn your front lawn into one! Many people have a gravestone and a skeleton here or there, but by going all-out and featuring plenty of props, yours could be the talk of the town. There are a variety of props you can use to create this scene, including:


A graveyard isn’t a graveyard without gravestones - and for Halloween, the creepier the better. There are many tutorials on YouTube for making gravestone props (don’t forget to consider the weather when deciding which materials to go with), alternatively, there are a wide variety of multi-pack options on sites like Amazon.


You can place skeletons in a variety of ways to add to the scene, but a couple of particularly novel ways include having them seemingly emerging from the ground, or hanging by a noose from a tree. You can pick up a ‘Ground-Breaking Skeleton’ with red LED eyes on Etsy for £25.19.

A really eye-catching idea is to have two skeletons set up to be carrying what looks like a body in taped-up bin liners - a bit of a DIY mission but a fun one that will be well worth it for the effect!


Add to the spooky scene with a cluster of bats flying overhead - of course this is really only possible with a tree nearby to hang them from. You can pick up a decent sized pack of hanging bats for a reasonable price, with some featuring glow in the dark eyes for added effect.



Making ghosts can be a fun and relatively easy family DIY project, with plenty of tutorial ideas to choose from online. Otherwise, you can find a host of options to buy online  - we love this spooky blue LED hanging ghost, which comes with bendable arms for you to pose as you like it.

Go chic

If chic and stylish is more your thing, you can still go all-out to create a beautiful aesthetic that will turn heads. Pinterest is packed with ideas for elegant Halloween decorations, such as limiting the colour palette, spray-painting items like pumpkins with chic colour finishes such as rose gold, adding large, stylish lanterns or candles to your front door steps, and much more.

Halloween decorations typically embrace the grizzly ghoulish vibes, but if that’s not your jam, going for a chic alternative that still makes a statement will undoubtedly get noticed for its elegant aesthetic. Change your outdoor lighting to another colour for added effect. 

Happy Halloween!

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