Accidents happen while you’re renting your home – they’re often unavoidable. However, subsequent payouts or deductions from your initial rental deposit don’t have to be! With Bode Insurance Solutions, you can find a level of tenant insurance cover to suit you and your home, meaning you’re protected against life’s unwanted surprises.

Regardless of whether you’re renting your first home or you’re a seasoned tenant, ensuring you have the most adequate insurance for you and your home is an important part of renting. With a number of years’ experience in the rental market, Leaders knows that one cover doesn’t suit all, which is why Bode’s range of insurance policies are designed specifically for you. Not only do they cover your contents and personal belongings, but your best interests are protected too, with tenant liability cover as a standard with any policy.

Why do you need insurance as a tenant?

Throughout the duration of your tenancy – no matter how long – you are ultimately responsible for your landlord’s contents, furniture, fixtures and fittings, so leaving these items uninsured is a risk you shouldn’t be prepared to take.

How much does tenant insurance cost, and what’s included?

Bode’s simple, effective and affordable insurance policies for tenants include Contents Cover and Tenant Liability Insurance, which provides adequate cover if you accidentally damage your landlord’s property. Bode’s specialist Contents Cover gives you peace of mind that, should your personal possessions be lost, stolen or damaged, you’ll be able to cover the cost of repairing or replacing them.

In addition, neglecting Tenant Liability cover could leave you personally responsible for paying the repairs to items such as furniture, fittings and fixtures should an accident happen, so that’s why we offer it as a standard extra to our policies.

From just £9.50 per month, you receive immediate cover against fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, flood, escape of water, theft, malicious acts or riot as standard, when you take out Bode’s tenant insurance policy.

There is also an opportunity to add further cover to specific possessions – even when you are away from your home! Choose from theft, loss or damage to clothing and personal belongings (including money, credit/debit cards, watches, jewellery, photographic and sports equipment) or pedal bikes up to a value of £200 per bicycle, so you can rest assured your personal belongings are covered, both at home and elsewhere in the world!

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