Selling a property does not need to be difficult, as if you present your home in an attractive way and set the right asking price you might find a quality buyer in next to no time.

However, there are still a number of things you can do to help you on the way and to ensure every viewer is impressed by your property, whether it is an inner-city studio flat or a sprawling country mansion.

Here, we take a look at five easy steps you can take to boost your chance of selling and potentially add value to your home.

1) Use mirrors to create an impression of space

Every home has areas we would like to be more spacious. Whether it is your living room, bedroom or hallway, creating the illusion of additional space can make a property more attractive to prospective buyers. The easy way to do this is to strategically position mirrors in order to give the impression that rooms are larger than they really are.

2) Remove furniture and bulky items

You may adore your armchair and cherish the chest of drawers, but it is important to put yourself in the mind of potential buyers. They will want to imagine their own furniture in your home, and to do this they need as much space as possible. So remove some of your bulkier items on a temporary basis and watch your home go down a storm with viewers.

3) Pressure wash the driveway

First impressions count for everything when selling a property, so make sure your home gives off the right feel from the start. What might seem like small details - such as pressure washing the driveway - can actually have a huge impact and tell buyers yours is a property that is cared for and extremely smart.

4) De-personalise

Personal items - such as photographs, ornaments, mementos and gadgets - can make it seem as though you are too attached to your home and it becomes difficult for viewers to imagine it as their own. So clear out your personal items, create a neutral feel and allow your potential buyers to envisage life in your property.

5) Create a centrepiece

In at least one of your key rooms - such as the living area or kitchen - create a focal point that will stick in the minds of all those who view your home. This can be anything from a feature fireplace to an island kitchen worktop. The important thing is that people will remember your home and want to return.

The market may be booming but you should not be complacent and think your home will sell itself. Instead, make some small, but effective, changes and wait for them to have a positive impact on buyers.

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