Looking to sell your property? then we have some great advice for you. With exceptionally strong demand from buyers, now is an excellent time to put your property on the market, but what can you do to make sure your home sells quickly and for the best possible price?

Kevin Shaw, National Sales Director at Leaders, has these top tips for anyone considering selling their property right now.

He says: “Spring is always a great time to put a property up for sale; this is when many people make new plans and take advantage of the nicer weather to view properties. This leads to an uplift in demand for homes to buy, making it a fantastic opportunity for those looking to sell.”

1) First impressions count

Buyers form an opinion on your home within seconds of walking through the door - and some may even have made up their mind as soon as they set eyes on it from outside. So make sure the areas people will spot first, such as the driveway, flowerbeds and entrance hall, look as good as they can.

2) A warm welcome

It’s easy for a property to feel chilly at times in spring, so set your central heating to come on ahead of viewings. Buyers need to feel comfortable in your home – if you have a fireplace, light a fire to add that extra touch of warmth.

3) Demonstrate what your home has to offer

People buy into a lifestyle as much as a property. Help them see the benefits of living in your home by making key areas look as appealing as possible. Set the table in the dining room for dinner, arrange office furniture neatly in the study and place a table and chairs on the patio and comfy seating in the conservatory. It should be clear what each area of your home is for and that those spaces are just right for their purpose, whatever their size.

4) Clear clutter and have a good clean

A home free of clutter feels more spacious and if it is clean buyers will be assured it is well cared for. A major declutter and clean will ensure your home looks, feels and smells its best for viewings. This applies outside too - cut back foliage, clean the patio and cut the grass so that buyers will be able to see the garden as a place to relax rather than a job to be tackled.

5) Add light and space

Adding lighting and mirrors in dark or small places makes rooms feel bigger and lighter. Make sure windows are clean and open blinds or curtains for daytime viewings. Put lights on in every room for evening viewings.

6) Fix it

Have you got a dripping tap, a door that doesn’t close or a hole in the carpet? Getting all repairs out the way before viewings will make it more desirable.

7) The right agent

Your home is one of your biggest assets so put it in the hands of an agent you trust. From advertising in the right places and presenting it at its best to negotiating strongly on your behalf and managing the process to completion - the right agent is key to a smooth and successful sale.

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